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I understand Rebecca Schoenkopf is supporting the Democrat, Gray Davis, for governor (Commie Girl's "I'm a Puss," Feb. 22). I am disappointed, not because she does not support me, Gary Copeland—I expected that—but because she would forgo revolutionary ideals for the status quo. All Libertarians believe government is like the ring in Lord of the Rings. It is power absolute, and as such, even those who would use it for good are subjugated and perverted by its power. It is best left unused, so a free people can do as they please without the destruction wrought by the power and control of government. I am a Celtic priest—to you, a Druid. According to our lore, to assume power is to not understand its use. We all travel a path, and as a representative of the press, you live to a higher standard than most. I would have expected support for Peter Camejo, the Green Party candidate. I am very disappointed in you. May your path be clear.

Gary Copeland
Libertarian candidate for governor
Cell Therapy

I enjoyed the Weekly's Election Day guide, especially the stories on Tony Rackauckas (Anthony Pignataro's "Our District Attorney Needs and Attorney," R. Scott Moxley's "Keep Your Enemies Closer," March 1). Despite the evidence that Rackauckas may be the most corrupt Orange County politician ever—move over, Ted Moreno!—I figured he'd win. Sadly, I was right. What is it about Orange County that we'll allow such people to hold office? Rackauckas has been re-elected even while the state Attorney General is carrying out a criminal investigation of his office—an investigation that most likely will be bounced back and forth between millionaire friends and other corrupt politicians; with Rackauckas' luck, U.S. ambassador to Spain George Argyros would end up jury foreman.

Rackauckas should go on trial for his real crimes: for imprisoning and prosecuting innocent men. He should be forced to be booked and fingerprinted, given a paper jump suit, and then left in a cold cell, the way Arthur Carmona was. He should be given a few cents every day for his work. He should be forced to "give it up" for a couple of cigarettes. After a couple of years, he can then sign a statement saying he isn't innocent, but he isn't guilty. Maybe that would wipe that fucking smile off his face.

Randy Pesqueira
Garden Grove

Thank you for the honorable mention for Big Table ("The OCies," March 1). Also, I think Steve Lowery's Script Doctor is one of the strongest parts of the Weekly. Some of his analogies are so hysterical I cut them out and put them in my scrapbook.

Adam Martin
via e-mail
The Script Doctor responds:

PATIENT: Adam Martin: The Letter.

PROFILE: Martin lauds the efforts of the enormously talented and underappreciated Script Doctor while subtly intimating that not all of the Doctor's analogies are brilliant—thought I missed that one, eh, Mr. Honorable Mention? ThinkThe Scarlet Letter meetsI'm Better Than Everyone meets By "I," I Mean "Me, Steve Lowery" andBy "Everyone," I Mean "Everyone."

Symptoms: Though fawning, Martin's letter wasn't as gushing-intensive as I would have liked. I mean, I sensed the basic sycophancy at work here, but where are the obsessive tendencies that tell me, "Hey, I think you're special, special enough to stalk"?

Diagnosis: Your compliments about my use of analogies were as intoxicating as . . . as . . . as that stuff that would, if ingested, have the ability to intoxicate the user. Not exactly pie, but pie-like. You know, creamy. Prescription: You people wouldn't know love and devotion if it were biting you on the ass. I deserve so much more. DIDN'T THERE USED TO BE A CAR NAMED AFTER HIM, TOO?

Nathan Callahan's fanciful/factual tour of the Great Park in 2052 was delightful and insightful ("It's 2052. Where's Your Great Park?" Feb. 22). As a board member of the Laguna Canyon Foundation, I especially appreciate his naming the 100-acre body of water "Lake Michael Printo," the foundation president and inspirational leader in the successful battle to save Laguna Canyon and create the Laguna Coast Wilderness Park.

Dave Blodgett
Laguna Woods

I enjoyed the tour of Orange County Central Park in the year 2052. As Nathan hilariously points out, an amazing lack of vision caused a bumpy start, and there will be challenges along the way. But who can doubt that the Great Park will be very much like "the most beautiful place on earth" Nathan describes.

Carol Browning
Lake Forest

The Weekly's parodic endorsement of Jo Ellen Allen for Republican Central Committee was wonderful—and reminded me to ask: Where is R. Scott Moxley ("Slim Pickin's," March 1)? I followed his Greek-tragedy tale of Eddie Allen—the non-Vietnam veteran, non-CIA agent and non-friend of presidents—with rapt attention, but I never felt it wrapped up. Whatever happened to the Allens? Will Jo Ellen really win on March 5, even after all the crap revealed about her in the Weekly? Is the Weekly too intimidated to say more? Is there more? Shall I stay tuned?

Carolyn Lynch
via e-mail

In our listing of OC Weekly Theater Awards Honorable Mentions ("Also Starring," March 1), Rebecca Gilman was mistakenly named as the director of Spinning Into Butter at the Laguna Playhouse. As talented as Gilman is, she's the playwright and not the director. Donna Inglima directed—and did a damn fine job of it, too. The Weeklypromises to look more closely at the program next year.


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