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A life-long science fiction buff, I read Philip K. Dick's books and short stories when they first came out (Chris Ziegler's "A Very Phildickian Existence," June 28). I eagerly tucked into the article, looking forward to Dick's views on Orange County, or his history, or indeed any tidbit about him. I was offended when, as a resident of Santa Ana since 1954, I read Tim Powers' remark that "in Santa Ana, nobody's heard of Philip K. Dick." Obviously, Tim's been talking to the wrong people-if he's talked to anyone in Santa Ana at all. We're not all of Hispanic birth, we're not all school dropouts, and we're not all right-wingers. Lots of us are open-minded, broad-minded, well-educated, articulate science fictions fans, and you can tell him I said so! Thanks for listening. Rita Major
Santa Ana
Instead of getting a real food critic, chef or someone in a position to discuss cuisine, you have Stacey Davis advertising Julie Espy of KUCI ("How Delicious," June 14). Wonder why Stacey would write such a meaningless review? She is kissing Julie Espy's ass for giving her a position at KUCI. Is this really ethical? I really have to question the credibility of your paper. Are your articles just being written so that your employees can gain things, or are they writing to benefit and educate the community? Steven Rogers
via e-mail Stacy Davies responds for "Stacey Davis," who is busy finishing off Julie Espy's ass: Hi, "Stephen!" Thank you so much for your letter! I was just bitching and moaning to a particular local newspaper editor in chief whom I'm sleeping with (soon you'll have to write to
managing editor Stacy Davies) about how I never get any mail! And here you are! Thank you so much for noticing me. What do you do for a living, by the way? Any positions open? Can we meet? P.S. Don't forget to check out my other food reviews online, especially the one with a criminal psychologist who-whaddaya know!-got my Uncle Bud off a murder rap! Life is so screwy! I should have mentioned that I've been doing my radio show for free at KUCI for almost two years. Either way, Julie's ass was long overdue.MINORITY OPINION
I remember when I could count on the Weekly for an honest appraisal of whether a film was worth the time and money. Then I read Ella Taylor's review of Minority Report ("Pre-cognitive Dissonance," June 21). Did Ella actually see this film, or did she simply cut and paste the studio press release? Ella is not getting out enough if she really finds a two-hour commercial for Lexus sports cars, Bulgari watches, Gap clothes, Guinness beer and an assortment of other products targeted to the six-figure income set "terrifically entertaining." What's so "skillfully tailored" and "elegant" about a script that repeatedly explains the plot as if the audience needs instructions? If Ella really believes this movie is a "celebration of the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness," she must really get choked up over those MasterCard "priceless" commercials. This movie failed at every level (think A.I.: Artificial Intelligencemeets Judge Dred). I understand that Spielberg may be the emperor of Hollywood, but somebody needs to notice that he's not wearing any clothes. Craig Wilke
Yorba Linda
I read what was written about my company and posted in your paper. I wish you had the correct impression of RideHome and what good it can do for teenagers (Matt Coker's "A Clockwork Orange," May 17). The reference to "young boozers" and the comment "try not to puke on the seat" were uncalled for. Robert M. Cook
RideHome, LLC
Question: When did Nick Schou move from being a reporter to being on the editorial staff? His article ("San Onofre Nightmare Generating Station," June 21) is a quintessential example of a complete loss of objectivity in reporting. Ray Golden
San Clemente The way-too-yakkity intern who has been circling Nick Schou's desk like a vulture, just waiting for a big-time screw-up that would translate into his career break responds dejectedly: As much as I hate to admit it, Nick's story delivered exactly what it promised in the sub-headline: "10 reasons we should say 'so long' to SONGS." But speaking of objectivity, why didn't you mention in your letter that you're the paid spokesman for SONGS?
I only recently got a copy of your cover story on the Orange County Sanitation District (Dave Wielenga's "Flush Twice-It's a Long Way to Huntington Beach," May 10), but it is still correct and relevant. The OCSD said its board of directors had to vote by June 26 on the treatment of the sewage it dumps in the ocean. As a result, a $5.2 million scientific study was rushed to completion. Although the AES energy plant was a crucial part of the study, AES's four generators were never operating at any time during the study. But the OCSD announced June 20 it would not vote until July 17. More than 300 people came to the June 26 meeting. Let's hope on July 16 we'll get an unanimous vote from the directors and get on with complying with the Clean Water Act. Eileen Murphy
Huntington Beach


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