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I greatly enjoyed Chris Ziegler's "Greatest Hits" [Music, March 12]. If I may, I would like to add two more of my own that Chris may have overlooked: Pete Townshend scoring a KO over Abbie Hoffman onstage at Woodstock, arguably ending the 1960s long before the cue sticks started swinging at Altamont, and Bjork taking a literal swipe at the press. I could list a few others, but they are too sad to be funny (Marvin Gaye, Sam Cooke, Al Jackson Jr.). However, I can't help mentioning one of the more bizarre and forgotten rock tragedies: Jim Gordon's muse not only led him to co-write the lovely "Layla," but also the dark side of it apparently compelled him to shotgun his own mother. So far as I know, he's still playing "Jailhouse Rock" in a California prison combo.

James Marceda
Long Beach

Upcoming Events

Chris Ziegler wrote about the "Ground Flor" event that takes place the first Saturday of the month at the Spurgeon Building in Santa Ana ["Overloaded," March 5]. He interviewed this Teresa De La Torre and, for some unknown reason, laid praise on her for this wonderful monthly event! Possibly blame it on poor journalism or ulterior motives because the founders and MAIN contributors were Tara Verdugo and Rob Roy! Verdugo and Roy are the most creative pair to come along since Diego and Frieda! What a joke Ziegler is, and I am shocked at his poor sense of hearing during the interview, or maybe he can't take proper notes. In any case, he failed miserably in his reporting and needs to use what ever he makes to "BUY A CLUE" as to what was actually said in the interview! Ever hear of a film called Shattered Glass? He should watch this film and see what "created interviews" can do to a career!

Debbie Halby
via e-mail

The editor replies: We apologize for Ziegler's lapse in properly crediting Verdugo and Roy. We'd also like to take this opportunity to credit the Spurgeon Building's landlord, builder, janitor, broker, electrician, that nice Guatemalan lady outside who sells mangos, and the dearly departed Mr. Spurgeon himself for lending his name to the building now hosting De La Torre's exhibit.


I was really astonished to read your short announcement of the CHOC Follies ["Eight Days," March 26]. I know you are a "hip" and "trendy" (read sarcastic) news/mag, but cut some slack here. You bashed CHOC and Orangewood with your flip comments. Perhaps you wanted to make fun of the "socialites" participating in the "amateur" show, but I have to tell you, you did a bad job of it. You may think it's funny to make fun of those people, but they are out there supporting something, which is more than I can say for a lot of people. I really found your sense of humor unfunny on this one. Go pick on someone or something more deserving, and stop harassing one of the premier children's hospitals in America and a wonderful organization that helps abused children. Shame on you.

Shaun Field
Children's Hospital of Orange County

I was surprised to read Joel Beers' snotty description of Late Nite Catechism [Calendar, April 2] and the fact that you would allow your "reviewer" to blame its success on the fact that "Catholics hate themselves." The play is terrific and funny—if anything, it reminds Catholics and non-Catholics alike of very funny experiences from their childhood. In your attempt to sound cutting-edge, you remind me that your rag only serves one purpose for me: liner for the bird's cage.

via e-mail Joel Beers responds: Did I say Catholics hate themselves? Sorry; meant to say they only hate Jews.


Maybe I misread Nick Schou's "Wake Up, White People!" [The County, April 9], but I'm sick and tired of people constantly mixing up race with religion. There are only three races on this earth. WHITE, BLACK and ORIENTAL. Every single person on this planet falls into one of three categories no matter what their beliefs are or where they came from. The term "racist" means being against another race, not someone else's religious beliefs. That falls under being prejudiced. Being "Jewish" is a RELIGION, not a RACE, and every Jewish person I have ever met is WHITE, and any Black or Oriental person has the right to be Jewish if they wish. The article was mixing up racism with prejudice but only classifying it as a discussion on racism. It should have been classified on the prejudice side because racism falls under that category, whereas racism is specific to one thing only—to be Prejudiced against a RACE.

Kriss Riddle
va e-mail

The editor responds: Thanks, Kriss. Like you, we yearn for a day when people aren't defined or limited by labels and are free to hate Jews in their own way.


Having never read your publication until today, I was astonished at the low standard of the writing in one particular diary entry from Steve Lowery. According to Mr. Lowery ["Diary of a Mad County," April 2], Irish people can be classified as "folks who still believe in the divine right of royalty and pick their local councils based on the arrangement of pig innards." While I understand the intention of this remark is to be dramatic and probably comical, I cannot believe that a grown American could believe Ireland believes in royalty. I assume Mr. Lowery is thinking of the U.K. (the country next to us that is helping you to butcher Iraq in the search for WMDs). As a young Irishman, I take no offence to Mr. Lowery's comments. Instead, I find his petty remarks quite ignorant. I hope a little more research will be done in the future before Mr. Lowery unleashes his humor upon us.

Brian McDonald

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