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Regarding Matt Coker's "Hatesville, USA" [July 21]: Matt Coker is an idiot. It costs an American couple $50,000 plus to have a kid . . . yet, somehow, if you walk across the border and are a Mexican, you get free blankets, services, diapers, etc., for our entitlement breeding machines. Enuf. Pay for it on your own asshole dime, Coker. Not mine.
Bill Schwarz
Via e-mail

Good article. Thanks for using honky ["Hatesville, USA"]. Please start using chink, nigger, spic, beaner, kike, etc. The increase of hate crimes against "Latinos" didn't go up because of "We believe this is connected with backlash against immigrants based on the hostile and divisive public debate on immigration over the last year." No, it wasn't. House Resolution 4437 was passed on Dec. 16, 2005. And no one even knew about it. Yes, "hate crimes" increased, but get your facts straight and stop trying to blame the immigration debate over the last year. Jesus. I'm fed up with the disproportional, pro-"undocumented" immigrant, white-bashing tone of the Weekly lately.
Arturo "Half-White, Half-Mexican" Garcia
Via e-mail

Uhm . . . did I just read that last column right [Commie Girl, July 21]? Did the thirtysomething who likes to be called Commie Girl just mock hippies for adopting trail names? The same woman who is—well, not a girl, and spends most columns scorning men who don't love her rather than discussing politics? Yeah? She did? Called them pretentious twits, did she? Okay, just checking. I hope she enjoyed her vacation. I did.
Elenore W.
Long Beach

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I just got done reading your "mad county" and the part about the cops busting your booth really hits home [Steve Lowery's Diary of a Mad County, Aug. 4]. I mean, what is with these fun police roaming around the beach on their annoyingly exhaust-laden quads? And they wonder why we riot!! Yeah I said it, lets riot!! I'm not just saying this 'cause I stayed up all night wacked out on Vicodin and Sparks watching V for Vendetta, which just made it to DVD (very interesting—lacking a bit of character strength, but overall a good show). I mean, how pathetically scared and lame can they make this place we call the US of A? Not only can we not have girls in bikinis dancing (go to any other country and they would be for sale) but we can't drink alcohol or even smoke that crazy tobacco! Shit, can we just rename our state New Utah?! We're California dammit! The crazy left coast where anything goes. Now let's riot!!!
Nicholus Sciscione
Via e-mail

I had saved the OC Weeklywith Gustavo Arellano's article on the citrus strikes of 1936 and finally had the chance to read it . . . and I'm so glad I did [Gustavo Arellano's "Gunkist Oranges," June 9]. Thank you, Gustavo, for writing about this important history and reminding all of us about this incredible story. Your article reminds me about how much history there is that still needs to be told. You know, I love the description "Amazons with fire of battle in their eyes." I think I'm putting that on a T-shirt to keep me fired up for the work ahead. Thank you for doing the work you do with your articles and your column "Ask a Mexican" . . . and for just being out there. You make a difference for all of us.
Sandra Robbie
KOCE-TV Channel 50

The article on the 9/11 truth activists was excellent [Matt Coker's "Let's Roll Film," July 28]! I highly commend Aaron Haley and Joe Dunlap on their methods to nudge the public towards questioning the "official story." The recent May '06 Zogby Poll revealed that 70 million Americans distrust the official 9/11 story. We deserve the truth to end this unease in our country and possibly change course, as 9/11 was the pretext for the world we live in today. By either accident or design, the horrific images we either watched or lived through on that fateful day are etched deeply into the American psyche. This is a very difficult place for facts to reach, difficult but necessary.
Greg Revers
Fountain Valley

Read Whitey McAsshole (Glenn Miller)'s letter aloud—it's like beautiful music [Letters, Aug. 4]. Just try it. Mmmmmm. Since our incompetent leader came into power, it seems that most of the discontent I've heard has been from my fellow liberals. It is simply lip-smacking delicious to hear that a racist moron is pissed off and feels like he doesn't belong here. I'm going to take this as a sign that the tide is turning. And by the way, asshole, I'm not a soccer mom, girlie man or an illegal immigrant—just a hard-working white woman whose dad went to Berkeley in the '60s. And yes, I have a child and am planning on another. Although they'll be white, neither of them will share your fucked-up values. May you always and forever feel the whiny frustration you have expressed.
Rebecca C.
Via e-mail

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