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I'm glad you find 9/11 Truth interesting [Nick Schou's "Where There's Smoke, There's No Fire," Oct. 27]—however, it is more than that; it is a series of very disturbing questions. Explain to me the failure of the Secret Service. Explain the failure of air defenses over Washington. Read about Operation Northwoods and try watching a few movies on the Internet. Then maybe you will find 9/11 Truth more than just "interesting."
Brian M. Cox
Via e-mail

I just read Cornel Bonca's review of a comic book [Cornel Bonca's "A Graphic Adaptation," Oct. 27]. Welcome Bonca, our latest visitor from Bizzaro World. Bonca should try reading Dr. David Ray Griffin's book, The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions, which examines the commission's report and exposes numerous lies contained within. However, there currently are no plans for Dr. Griffin's work to be reproduced into comic book form, which Bonca finds most palatable. There is an undeniable, exponential growth in numbers of Americans who believe that 9/11 was an inside job: planned, orchestrated, and perpetrated by rogue elements within our own government. They are the only modern steel and concrete high-rise structures in history, before and after 9/11, to have collapsed due to fire. The collapse of WTC 7 never received mention in the 9/11 Commission Report. It only took 6.8 seconds to fall. Bonca should watch the video. Sadly, the physics will be too much for him.
David Giles
Via e-mail

Cornel Bonca replies: My finding more palatable a well-written, rigorously constructed comic book to dead gray bureaucratic prose I don't think needs defense, so I won't give any. Though let me add that I've written about 9/11 for this paper for going on four years, and didn't come to this review blind. This stuff about 9/11 being an inside job by rogue elements inside the Bush administration is just so tired. Look, first, the towers didn't collapse "due to a fire." They collapsed because they were rammed into by jet planes carrying thousands of gallons of jet fuel, which not only weakened the buildings' upper structures but shot streams of fiery fuel down elevator shafts to weaken the structures of the lower floors. The collapse of these buildings just isn't comparable to any other building fire or collapse in our history. It was unprecedented. Jesus. Second, to think that people inside the White House (right-wing lovers of capitalism) would orchestrate a disaster of this proportion, killing thousands of Americans and destroying the symbolic center of America's capitalism, disrupting the world economy for years, all in the interests of getting us involved in Middle East wars that the Bush administration was already hell-bent on getting us involved in—well, that involves a suspension of disbelief that even I, a devotee of conspiracy novelist Thomas Pynchon and a guy who spent months in the thickets of the Kennedy assassination conspiracy world, just find, I don't know, nuts. Not to mention distracting and unhelpful. What happened on 9/11 is insane enough as it is—we don't need to Dr. Strangelove it up.

Re: R. Scott Moxley's "The New Crips" [Oct. 27]. Moxley chooses to invent a "posse" that "terrorizes" businesses. Moxley's use of "wheelchair-bound" and one "confined" to a wheelchair (rather than the more direct "wheelchair-using") has been recognized as journalistically incorrect in the Associated Press stylebook for over a decade now. Why go out of the way to be politically incorrect? Among the misconceptions from Moxley: 1.) A step of less than an inch is okay. No, it's an access barrier. 2.) If a wheelchair user owns the business, it complies with access laws. No, access laws promise way-finding signage. The business-owner won't need signage to find the ramp. I would. 3.) A 30- or 60-day waiting period would protect business owners without harming access.No, it would harm access.
Arthur W. Blaser, Professor
Department of Political Science
Chapman University

I recently read your story in the OC Weekly and I am very sorry to hear about the fatal outcome of the cat [Gustavo Arellano's "O Solo Meow," Oct. 6]. However, I must say that I am very disappointed. I take great pride in the position I have held with the department for almost two years now and have an exceptional reputation and work rapport with all the major media sources. I do recall your message that was left on a Friday afternoon which necessitated a quick response. Unfortunately, I have Fridays off but I am on call 24/7 via my pager. As stated in my voicemail, I do leave my pager number for anyone to contact me for urgent issues. I did not receive a page from you that day. Had I, I would have been more than happy to reply. If I can assist you in any way in the future please don't hesitate to call, page or e-mail me to avoid any further communication breakdown.
Captain Ben Gonzales
Public Information Officer
Santa Ana Fire Department

Gustavo Arellano says: I will pass along your note to all stranded Santa Ana cats.

Matt Coker's "Claes Is Class" [Oct. 27] misidentified chef Ryan Wreyford and did not reflect the recently changed dinner menu.


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