Medical records list Kelly Thomas'  immediate cause of death as "brain death," caused by "head trauma."
Medical records list Kelly Thomas' immediate cause of death as "brain death," caused by "head trauma."
Ed Carrasco

Kelly Thomas Died Of Blunt Force Trauma To The Head, Says Attorney Garo Mardirossian, At Press Conference; Medical Records Released

Kelly Thomas died of brain injuries, which resulted from blunt force trauma to the head, according to medical records released by Garo Mardirossian, Ron Thomas' lawyer. 

At a press conference today at his Los Angeles office, Mardirossian told reporters he thinks the medical records are "clear evidence" that "Kelly Thomas was killed, murdered by these Fullerton police officers." 

Thomas suffered several broken bones in his face, according to the medical records from UC Irvine's Medical Center, where Thomas died on July 10. (PDFs of the medical reports are at the end of the post.)

Mardirossian said he thinks the locations of the fractures are especially telling of the severity of the beating. "The bone inside the nose was also broken," Mardirossian said. "Now, these don't just break easily. They take a tremendous amount of pounding."
Garo Mardirossian, left, and Ron Thomas
Garo Mardirossian, left, and Ron Thomas
Ed Carrasco/OC Weekly

"We don't need the DA's office or any other prosecutorial agency to tell us we need to wait to find out what the cause of death is. It's as obvious as the noses on our faces and we know exactly why he died," he said. 

The medical records also show that Kelly, who witnesses say was Tased more than five times, was Tased once in the chest. Within the packet of papers handed out at the press conference was a training bulletin for how to use a Taser. A few phrases were highlighted, including: "avoiding chest shots." The medical examination also showed no record of alcohol or drugs in Kelly Thomas' system, Mardirossian added.

​Ron Thomas, who was also at the press conference, spoke briefly, saying the medical reports confirm what he already thought. "This isn't just a beating, it's aggravated murder." Thomas told the Weekly that watching virtual recreations of his son's facial injuries, which were aired initially on KTLA last night , made him feel "physically sick." 

Both Ron Thomas and Mardirossian say they want action from the Orange County district attorney's office, which is investigating the case, very soon. "I'm afraid they're in delay, delay, delay mode," Mardirossian said, referring to the release of Kelly's autopsy report, adding that the district attorney often works "hand in hand" with the coroner's office. "The question really is: is the DA or the coroner's office motivated to come back with an early and quick decision? I think they're not. I can't explain to you why it's taking so long." 

Mardirossian also used the press conference to reiterate a point he's made before: he doesn't think all six officers are equally guilty. He said he thinks the lesser-involved officers should have stepped in to stop the beating, but added that he could forgive them. "But, I can't forgive them for not coming forward now and telling us what happened, telling us the truth. Break away from these other officers. Break the code of silence."

Kelly Thomas
Kelly Thomas
Ed Carrasco/OC Weekly



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