Holocaust Deniers in Huntington Beach Hear About Hayzoos

They walk among us. 

You may have noticed a billboard at the 405 Freeway and Goldenwest Street advertising 180movie.com. 180 is a 33-minute documentary, produced by Christian evangelist Ray Comfort,  that kicks off by asking folks in Huntington Beach if they've heard of Adolf Hitler.

A sampling of responses: 

"He was kind of a president" -- young man.
"He was the guy that...was he German?" -- young woman. 
"Um...uh...this guy with a ... had a mustache." -- young man. 

Then there is "Steve", a neo-Nazi with a blue mohawk and tattoos on his face, who says he loves Hitler. He also hates black people because they're "pieces of shit." 

Steve asks Comfort who Jesus Christ was. 

Comfort: "Savior of the world!" 
Steve: "No, he was a fuckin' Jew, and what do Jews do? They lie." 

Steve, who has a tattoo of a spiderweb on his face and one of a cross between his eyes, says Christianity hasn't tricked him, because he's Greek. And if Jesus were in Auschwitz, he would give him a tattoo.

He doesn't believe Hitler killed that many people. Another Holocaust denier, who appears at least of middle age, tells Comfort to "stop talking like a Jew." 

The documentary is an entree into Comfort's efforts to evangelize. He also asks those in Huntington Beach what they think about abortion, and if they've broken the Ten Commandments. It's standard Comfort schtick -- get people to admit they're godless, then tell them about Jesus. 

"I like fornication'," Steve says. "It's fun."

Toward the end of the film, Comfort gets Steve to consider reading the Bible and think about eternal things.

"You got a cross in the middle of your eyes," Comfort says. "Think about what Jesus did on that cross."


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