Hit and Runner

Hit and Runner
Bob Aul

I was at the light at Jamboree and Back Bay Drive in Newport Beach around 3:45 in the afternoon. You were in the red BMW going westbound on Jamboree; you blew through the red light and got yourself T-boned by an old man in a white compact. I was focusing on your victim to make sure he was all right and to give him my name as a witness. I watched you go into the oncoming traffic lane and stop. When I looked up again after tending to the old man, you were gone. Were you drunk, high or just an inconsiderate, selfish coward? Your victim was physically, emotionally and financially injured by your selfish, stupid actions. I could write a separate column about the selfishness of the two other witnesses who couldn't get through the light fast enough. Come on, people! What is wrong with you? Hey, if any of you readers work in a body shop, and you get a late-model BMW in for repairs to the passenger side of the car, please know that it was from a hit-and-run by a nutless, gutless coward!

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