Hey, You!

Yeah, you—the Huntington Beach city cops who claim that a pedophile has more rights than the children they victimize! Like the time I called to inform you that this registered sex offender—with three offenses!—was in the park soliciting unsupervised children with a kitten. Yeah, and how about when you informed me that if I continued to "harass" this pedophile I would be subject to arrest! Yeah, you cops are real winners! Protect and serve—yeah right! And even more disturbing is that you all decided to start watching me with binoculars, as I kick this guy out of the park daily where my kids play. You guys had to extend your kindness by telling me that is harassment. So why did you HB cops decide it was okay to take his picture and info off the MEGAN'S LAW WEBSITE? To protect this scum? You know who you all are, and when and if you decide to procreate, remember there will be pedophiles watching your children too!

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