Hey, You!

You're the asshole Billy Ray Cyrus look-alike OCTA driver who stopped and yelled at me in front of a bus full of people when I was 20 cents short of the bus fare. You failed to remember the times I left extra change just because I thought you were friendly. Well, I was wrong: you're nothing but an Alan Mansoor follower. I've seen the way you sigh when you see Koreans or Mexicans at the stops waiting for you, or when you hear people speaking Spanglish on your radio. I think you're just self-conscious because you drive a short bus, or, as you like to say, a "community route" that only makes five stops. You are always behind schedule and you've skipped my stop three times and then have the nerve to groan when I call you on it. What's up your ass? Whatever it is, pull it out or get another job because white faces are hard to come by on public transportation, and you seem to be allergic to anything slightly darker than you.

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