Hate-Filled Letters

Editor's note: The following are excerpts from letters we received during 2001. Enjoy!

Matt Coker is a hypocrite. You guys are pathetic fuckers. Chris Ziegler is a dumb ass. Jim Washburn is an asshole and a dumbass. Week in and week out, the Weekly is full of the same liberal democratic [sic] crap that I frankly don't understand. Washburn should go live in the Bay Area and take a few of his commie friends from Hollywood with him. Your "Best of OC" issue was a joke, knee-deep in self-righteous bullshit, filled with inside jokes only someone at your paper would get, and pandered to your advertisers. You are becoming what you fear and resent most. Greg Stacy's obsessive reading of sexual nuance in every frame of A Hard Day's Night told me a lot more about the reviewer than the movie. Chris Ziegler has no taste in music. He sticks to only one style and clearly kills whatever gets in his way. I've been in the industry for a while and haven't run across such trash yet. Bitter. A hodgepodge of petty insults, libels, erroneous grammar and generally abhorrent writing. Poor taste. Disturbing. Creepy. Good luck with all your evil dreams. I hope Chris Ziegler isn't your idea of a music reviewer. The way this idiot writes destroys the Weekly's credibility. If you people (and I use that term loosely) hate yourselves so much, why not pack up your earrings, CD collections and filter-less cigarettes and move to Mexico? I hope you go out of business and die. I love humor, but this went too far; it fooled me, and I don't like to be fooled. I wish to express my abhorrence of your communist rag. Were I to wipe my backside with your paper, I would consider it an act too dignified. Is it any wonder that your paper is distributed for free and must be given away? Your left-wing, secular politics disgust me to the point of sickness. You are hate-filled and self-loathing and, as a result, you despise America, the capitalistic spirit and Christianity. Your publication is nothing more than a vituperative rant of mean-spiritedness directed against everything that is decent in the world. Your cartoons, your editorializing, your articles, and your ads that condone whoring and pimping all add up to a publication unworthy of perusal by any decent member of society. In conclusion, I'm grateful that your scumbag is finally out of the White House so that our new president can restore a sense of dignity and decency to an office heavily soiled by its former occupant. Your paper is a piece of shit. Oh, wow, I used a vulgarity . . . why? I almost never do in my correspondance [sic]. Well I do this time because diversity loving vulgar asshole Matt Coker does. What kind of degraded trash rag is the OC Weekly? Maybe you morons can give Elmer-dumb-shit Matt a lesson on Orange County and how third world scum bag racists have destroyed the [Anaheim], making it unlivable for everyone. I had a [sic] American of mexican [sic] decent [sic] tell me how much she hated OC now because the good white people, and their successful culture was gone and replaced by "those dam [sic] wetbacks," as she put it. Blacks are also hurting. Now they are even lower on the todem [sic] pole. So piss off marxist pigs. OC Weekly is a lying propaganda rag. Buddy Seigal is something as a society we should all be very concerned about. This person has obviously some very deep problems. Wrong and dangerous. A nasty bit of vituperation that had a lot of bile wrapped around a few nuggets. Baloney. Buddy Seigal is the most obnoxious, one-sided, opinionated, crass and imbecilic "writer" (and I use the term loosely—very loosely) I have ever read. What I want to know is how did the editor allow such bullshit to get printed? Gossip. A washerwoman's perspective. A despicable piece of journalism. "Hey! Let's ask strangers their opinion about a high-profile case and only use the quotes that reinforce our premise." Strictly high school journalism—a D-minus at best. Shame. Cornel Bonca has made a career of extolling the virtues of those aging masters, and to embrace a fledgling tradition might be his death. Where the hell were you when Bill Clinton was doing all his dirty tricks and breaking laws? How can we trust the Weekly when it comes to Tony Rackauckas (who should lose one of those C's or K's) when it claims Shiner Bock is the national beer of Texas? Regarding Alison M. Rosen's Thomas Kinkade confession: congratulations on your courage. I just think all his houses look like they're on fire. Misinformed and racist. Witless sarcasm and false facts. I urge Manohla Dargis to look beyond feminist rhetoric. Rebecca Schoenkopf is a terrible reviewer. You seem bitter. Did you get laid at all? It might relax you a bit. Better yet, get drunk. It just might help your sour attitude. The Pennysaver could have run a better piece. Note to Dan Tsang: colon exams should be rendered by the trained finger and instruments of a physician! Matt Coker's review of X and Tiger Army at the House of Blues was obviously fueled by a lack of self-esteem on the author's part. Chris Ziegler is full of shit. Pedestrian and banal. Next time I campaign to remove Rohrabacher, how about giving the campaign some coverage? Irrelevant, bullshit quotes from a bunch of ignorant wankers. A monumental piece of shit that makes the pigeon-fart articles Chris Ziegler usually writes seem infinitesimal. Next time, go fuck yourselves instead of fucking corpses. I myself could cry at your pathetic ignorance. A liberal, 180-degree twist of the truth. Liberal, politically correct garbage. Buddy Seigal is the biggest dork of all. His inablility to write without insulting everyone is unbelievable. As a person who never excelled in anything, I can see where Buddy Seigal is coming from. Subquality, substandard dribble from dorks. He is horrible! I don't know what it is about music critics and successful bands. Don't you guys suck for allowing that twit on your staff. I don't know where you get your out of control over the top reporters but who the hell does Buddy Seigel think he is? It is clear that Buddy Seigal has got his head up his ass and has no clue what he is remotely talking about. And that in itself is kind of a shame for an out of touch, mud slinging, ball breaker who has nothing better to do then call out all of these different musical talents. [T]he most unprofessional article I have ever read. Perhaps not all of your critics are degreed media professionals. I am. What a flagrant display of unprofessional jealousy! Mr. Seigal certainly shows everyone that he is a no-talent wonder who will be relegated into obscurity in a few years. Seigal so contently sits in his wanna-be position on the OCW and proves that he is just another lost soul in a fez, trying to be collegiate with his use of $3 words and his lack of imagination using the variants of "dork" at least a dozen times in his psuedo-journalistic tirade! If he was half as talented as Jimmy Buffett he might even get a real job on a real paper instead of the no-account rag he writes for in Orange County. You are about to snap my friend! Did your Prozac run out? Therapy cancelled? Get some help! You are seriously disturbed! What have YOU ever said or thought that was worthwhile? Very damn little obviously!!! Your selection of vulgar words will be read by young people, also. So now you have not only ruffled a few feathers but contributed to the dumbing of American children. Fuck you, you dorkass! Parrotheads rule! I have always thought that Rebecca Schoenkopf was an ignorant bitch. With her eulogy to Linda's Doll Hut, I now know that she is. What were you thinking when you decided to print this article?? Maybe you were the one who needed the drug and alcohol test!!! Am I missing something here, or is this the unbelievable anti-Semitic comment I think it is? Definitely unbalanced. Willfully and grossly misrepresented the facts. The lewd and offensive nature of this site is clearly not consistent with the event it is being tied to and reflects quite poorly on your staff, your company and your management team. To admit that you're cynical, as Rich Kane does in his review of the U2/No Doubt show at the Staples Center, is bad enough; to brag about it is like bragging about being depressed. Matt Coker gets a lot of things wrong in his work, and I don't usually care because it's the Weekly. Fuck Joel Beers and everybody else at OC Weekly.You cowards don't deserve to call yourselves Americans. I failed to appreciate the crack about the fiberglass sheep. I made it a point to ram my surfboard up the ass of anybody who looked sideways at me. I'd like to do the same to the cretin who penned those pieces to which I objected. Your posterity is a cockroach. Your attempt at humor cuts deep and contributes to a climate of hostility that can only result in more violence. Regardless of what you think, civility is catching on. It's true, there are cover bands and extremely drunk young people. The bands, however, are not all bad. R. Scott Moxley is a pig and a communist on top of it. The majority of us don't want him here. Your left-winged pig seems to find a way to twist the truth. It is so obvious that Scott is part of "THE LEFT-WING CONSPIRACY." Were you reviewing a concert or a fashion show? I couldn't glean one useful comment from your review. To disparage the resolution presented by the Board of Supervisors to Richard Hunsaker honoring his receipt of the Building Industry Association's "Tribute to Excellence" Award is a disservice to both the Board of Supervisors and Richard Hunsaker. You have done a disservice to a kind and generous person who has always been committed to doing the right thing and giving back. We at Hunsaker & Associates feel you owe Mr. Hunsaker an apology. In today's environment, what brings out the hate in us more—a picture of Osama bin Laden? Or a cover photo of Lit? Are you kooks trying to incite a riot? I beg you: in these times, please do not use hate to increase your circulation. It's just not right. In the October 5-7 edition of the OC Weeklymy husband and I were maliciously and intentionally vilified by Scott Moxley in an article characterized by lies, innuendos, misinformation and vicious accusations. Since this is standard fare for the Weekly, I can only conclude that the serious personal anguish, embarrasment and pain this has caused is of no concern to the Weekly. In fact, I am quite sure they are rejoicing in their effort to malign yet another conservative Republican. Moreover, Jean Pasco and I are not, and have never been, friends and have no relationship whatsover. In pursuit of their attempt to smear my character, Moxley and the Weeklynote that my marriage to Eddie occurred only two months after my divorce from my first husband. The implication is obvious. The fact is, I had been separated from my first husband for more than a year when I met Eddie, who, until then, was merely an acquaintance at Little League games. Of course, in keeping with the Weekly's style of journalism which knows no bounds of privacy or decency, Moxley calls Eddie's sexual impotency a "bizarre assertion" and then notes that Lucinda remains Eddie's "business associate and travel companion." Again, the inference is obvious. It hurts deeply. But at least I know the truth and have confidence in that truth and my own integrity. That is more than Mr. Moxley, Will Swaim and their kind will ever have. Moxley is, once again, uninformed, confused or just enjoys being malicious. I have sent your article to the Edmonton Journal. Perhaps your glowing coments [sic] may land a much needed job for you. Rots a Rock. Jim Washburn's subtle manipulation of Christian doctrine for his own political argument is as cynical as our president's. Washburn's article forgets perhaps the most important consideration about the Middle East, namely that the princes and royal families of the oil-rich Arab countries (such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE) take a shit in toilet bowls with golden handles. How ironic that you can't see past the end of your own hypocritical little nose. You have no idea how hard I tried to keep my cat inside. Osama bin Laden bombs our country, and lamentably, Jim Washburn attacks the United States in his usual journalistic fashion the next day. Unfortunately, Jim's unbalanced, left-leaning point of view—as well as his hatred of what is right in this great nation—only leads to biased viewpoints. I notice Rich Kane seems to talk a lot of shit in his articles. When I saw Hitler on your cover, the first thing that popped into my head was, "'Bout fuckin' time." However, I have one minor complaint. Hitler would never play bass. Hitler would only be the front man. I cannot tell you how many people I have met from Orange County who are in their seventh year of community college. Rebecca Schoenkopf doesn't like normal, intact, unshorn male members. Schoenkopf might be astonished to discover that an intact penis can be a much more fun toy than a cut one. Schoenkopf is appalled by censorship, yet in the same article, she is a censor for the natural, male penis. I'd bet dollars to doughnuts we'd find more semicolons on one page of the LA Times or Orange County Register than in five of your lousy Calendar sections combined! And that is a pretty sick thought. The difference between paying for sex and sex for free is that sex for free usually costs more. Excuse me for saying so, but the tone of much of the Weekly's writing oozes schadenfreude. Pull your head out of your fecal duct, genius. Don't you and your utopian friends ever get it? You hate America, and you love the socialist paradises, yet . . . YOU WILL LIVE & DIE ON AMERICAN SOIL! How conveeeenient! But I still like your column. How beautifully black and white the world of Cornel Bonca is. Wow, so much for the "moron machine" to catch spelling errors on front-page headlines Schoenkopf then reverts to swearing to emphasize her disdain for all the art shown on the grounds. Why is she so vehement and angry in her writing, and where did she take her art degree? I have a degree and a master's in art! So, with Windex and paper towels in hand, innocent, unsuspecting Krissy took that last mile into the Erotic Gallery. 'What? I can't have naked coffee?!' I let Krissy have a couple of days off to recover.

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