Harvest This!

Art by Bob AulOkay, summer is here, and once again I am surrounded. Everywhere I go—video store, Del Taco drive-in, porn shop—I see them: HARVEST CRUSADE BUMPER STICKERS! As if there aren't enough fundie morons with Jesus Fish bumper stickers out there in OC. Nothing makes me happier than being cut off on the highway by some fucktard in a 4X4 with a "Real Men Love Jesus" sticker on the back. I gotta ask: Do you think your god likes having his name on the back of a car? I wish X-tians would show a little more respect for their beliefs than to degrade their messiah into a witty slogan, sharing space with Carl's Jr. "Eat Meat" stickers. How 'bout: "If you can read this, you're not saved"? It's a dang good thing that Jews, Hindus, Muslims and Buddhists all have enough taste and sense to keep their beliefs personal and private. Can you imagine, instead of the diamond lane, the crucifix lane? Merging for Methodists only? I call on all freethinkers in OC to view these stickers as I do: targets.

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