'Gwen, We Hereby Disown You'

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Scott Moxley expressed so eloquently the feeling that the majority of our Viet Kieu felt for quite a long time about those loudmouths in Little Saigon ["Losers Again: Communists, Bush defeat Little Saigon in human rights war," July 1]. In particular: ". . . Little Saigon is loaded with politicians, writers, businessmen, activists and ex-South Vietnamese military who'd be lost if Vietnam actually cleaned up its human rights act. These are people whose livelihoods seem dependent on an endless war." Thank you for being so brave to speak up against those who had intimidated us for so long.


Mr. Moxley doesn't clearly or convincingly present the alternative(s) of putting political pressure on Phan Van Khai or the VCs in general. The VC regime doesn't even respect or accept us, the oversea Vietnamese, for upholding the principle of democracy. Since 1975, we have been on the losing side of the war against communism and the struggle for human rights in Vietnam. But make no mistake about it, those who have lost to an evil enemy are not losers! As true believers in freedom and democracy for Vietnam, we never naively believe that Mr. Clinton, Mr. Bush or any other U.S. president will always be on our side. That's why true Vietnamese never rely on foreign intervention/influence to solve our own problems.


Right on, Scott! It is just so sad to see the Viet Kieu power be controlled by losers.


Have you been commiserating with Jane Fonda? You've done little to check on your facts about the Vietnam War. If this is reporting, it makes me want to puke. You should be ashamed of yourself. It is hopelessly apparent that you don't even understand that a man cannot return to his country after 3 1/2 months of service in Vietnam with eight medals! There wasn't even a Navy Seal or Army Ranger who came back with that many medals after a normal tour of 11-13 months in country. Have you ever had the privilege of interviewing a Vietnam veteran, either American or Vietnamese? Have you ever interviewed an American POW who spent time in a North Vietnamese prison? Have you ever interviewed any South Vietnamese POWs, internees, reeducated (for 8-10 years after the fall of Saigon)? Clearly, the answer is NO. Over this Fourth of July, you might want to take stock of the freedoms you have and are protected by in your authorship of the unadulterated crap you write each week in that rag you call a weekly. Your colors are showing, Mr. Moxley, and they are clearly not red, white and blue. They're yellow to match the kind of journalism you're steeped in.


Is there no one with the stones to admit that Gwen Stefani has taken the plunge into Pop Suckdom? No one but Steve Lowery, that is ["Diary of a Mad County," July 1]. Even Gwen knows she sucks and has taken the appropriate steps to ensure her place in the hearts of cross-dressers around the globe. They'll love you forever, baby doll. Just like Madonna and Cher. Steve, I love you, man! Never compromise your integrity. Gwen, we hereby disown you. Stop mentioning Anaheim.


I now have an answer for my friends when they ask me why I read that "rag" OC Weekly. Where else can someone laugh out loud at jokes about ancient Carthage ["Diary of a Mad County," June 17]?


I have to agree with "Vieja Gringa" on the Mexican's need to do nothing more than 10 mph below the speed limit [Gustavo Arellano's "Ask a Mexican," July 1]. I hope you can come up with some beachfront property in Mexico City, because this happens constantly. It doesn't help that I live in Anaheim and am stuck behind the typical shitbox spewing fumes that have caused plenty of my brain cells to fry. Nine times out of 10 there is a 30- to 40-year-old Mexican cruising without a care in the world. Although a good friend of mine, who happens to be Mexican, drives with speed and finesse that must have been obtained from Mario Andretti himself, unfortunately this is not the norm.


Gustavo, what's up with dissing Fullerton's barrio, pendejo["Brown, Out," June 24]? I don't know what it's called, but it's also facing extinction, what with all the development in downtown Fullerton. I know a big block of homes were removed to make way for an upscale condo complex where the Maverick Theater sits aside. I don't know if it's in as grave a peril as the ones Gustavo mentioned, but I'm sure the property values are a great deal cheaper than elsewhere in the city.


Wow, I just spent half an hour reading your column on the website. I want to thank you for your very insightful and humorous notes on the idiosyncrasy of Mexicans. You make me proud to be Mexican, not that I was ever ashamed!


I am glad that Steve Lowery has finally mastered the bold print choice on his word processor. Otherwise, how would we poor Weeklyreaders know what is important about what he is talking about. Please tell him not to show Rebecca Schoenkopf how to do this.



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