Got a Minute for a State Park?

10News San Diego is my hero of the day.

On April 9-10 they aired an editorial on the proposed Foothill-South (241) toll road extension. The station's vice president and general manager Derek Dalton speaks for just over sixty seconds on the Transportation Corridor Agencies' plan, the Attorney General's opposition along with environmental groups, and the station's support.

Dalton: Nice opinions, nice tie

He refers to the fast-moving, traffic-free road below him as the 5 freeway, which doesn't appear to desperately need any relief down in San Diego.

But just wait 'til we route all our traffic from North County down the 241, straight into Oceanside. That ought to slow things down a bit.

Visit to watch, listen, or even have your say on the editorial. You can also call the station at (619) 237-7905.

Don't miss a great chance to laugh at the arguments of tollroad proponents.


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