Fullerton Chicano Murals Still Not Safe

Sancho over at The Latin Blogger scored a statement from Fullerton Mayor Sharon Quirk regarding her city's endangered Chicano murals on a Lemon Street overpass near Valencia Drive. "The history of the murals tells a story of Fullerton’s neighborhoods, and Fullerton’s culture," writes the MILF-y mayor. "The murals represent a time when our city worked with youth in the Maple neighborhood to be part of a solution and partner with our city."

Nice words—except she doesn't commit to keeping the murals. Instead, she offers this disturbing wiggle quote:

The murals should be maintained, and restored. I would ONLY support removing a mural and updating with a new mural, if there was a strong consensus within the neighborhood to do so. This can only take place after community members have come together to voice their opinions.

Mayor Quirk: I'm all for community involvement, but beware the community. The Lemon Street overpass Chicano murals are important because they document a period in Fullerton's history, a time when the city fathers ensured a generation of unfulfilled promises for the children of Mexican immigrants due to their parents' nationality. You, I, and everyone in Fullerton knows that the neighborhoods near the mural are changing, mostly with idiot Brave New Urbanists buying up lofts in the SoCo district and beginning the slow, historical black hole known as gentrification. Keeping the past alive is important for a healthy community—paint those murals over, and your denying a community and epoch its place in Fullerton's past.

In other community journalism news, Easy Writer did this great video discussing Fullerton's hostile past toward art museums:


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