From Burned Boy to Burned Investor (Allegedly)

KNBC/Channel 4 reports that 28-year-old Dave Dave--who when he was age 6 and known as David Rothenberg had 90 percent of his body burned after his father Charles Rothenberg doused him with kerosene in a Buena Park motel--is suing for fraud a man he met at Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch. In his lawsuit filed Friday in Los Angeles Superior Court, Dave alleges a man named Darnello Jackson and his fiance, Shanielle Gardner, tricked him into transferring ownership of a condominium in the 400 block of Tamarack Avenue in Ingelwood in April. The plaintiff is asking that the transfer to Darnello Jackson--who Dave's attorney claims falsely passed himself as Michael Jackson's cousin--be declared void, and that he also be awarded unspecified compensatory and punitive damages.


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