Four Arrested at Occupy Orange County Santa Ana For Camping

UPDATE: We've got images from the protest earlier today. Click to see the slideshow.

We've got the names of the four protesters arrested for camping out in the name of Occupy OC at Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse: Iraq war vet Anthony Velloza, Shay Palmer, Timothy Craven, Osama Aresheh. An estimated 17 protesters are currently at Santa Ana Police Station while the other half of the protesters remain at the Courthouse. As reported previously, Santa Ana Police issued a statement on Friday announcing that they will not allow protesters to camp.

We just spoke with Theo Hirsch, a member of the Occupy OC committee, who says they plan on continuing occupation. . .

Half of the Occupy OC Santa Ana group waiting outside Santa Ana jail.
Half of the Occupy OC Santa Ana group waiting outside Santa Ana jail.
Kevin Liu/OC Weekly

"We are occupying on Broadway and Civic Center Dr., the 'Walk of Honor.' Official occupation right now: Half of us are at Santa Ana jail because four of our comrades got arrested. And [the police] had 25 cops, five on horses, to detain four peaceful protesters," Hirsch explains. "And they were spending God knows how much money on the horses--the horses even shat on the street. We're trying to defend our country and what do we get? A pile of horse shit. The whole thing is just fucked."

"They even pulled in crime scene investigation vans. . . This is just off the charts. This is straight up fascism," Hirsch continues. "We pay the taxes in this city, we should be able to peacefully assemble."

Hirsch explains that Occupy OC had set up "a couple of tents" and the four arrested had refused to exit the tents. He says that the men are being cited as he spoke to OC Weekly and will supposedly be soon released.

ETA: Velloza, Palmer, Craven and Aresheh were released at 3:55 AM. after five hours and 40 min.

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