Felix the Kitten in Orange Needs Your Help

I know this is a departure from the usual Navel Gazing subject matter, but aw, man. Look at him. All cute and sad and stuff.

After the jump: Eight- to 10-week-old Felix the kitten in Orange seems to have gotten himself in a bind and needs your help.

From a Facebook post we were just sent:

Felix the Kitten in Orange Needs Your Help

ORANGE, CA - URGENT!!! A1034137
Little Felix found himself stuck in the engine belt of a car. He is hoping someone can reach into their bag of tricks and find a way to get surgery for him. He is a little scared at first, then starts purring and purring when you handle him. He will need orthopedic surgery to repair his injury.

If you think you can help, contact Tammy Osborn at the Orange County Shelter right away. Tammy can be reached at e-mail at TOsborn@ocha.com or by calling 714-935-6885. Felix is also available to rescue groups.

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