Feel My Flow [Hey, You!]
Bob Aul

Feel My Flow [Hey, You!]

You are the Irvine-based mail-order pharmacy my medical insurance practically forces me to use. Thanks to your incompetence, I got to visit with my Aunt Flo just one week after she left. I gave you three weeks to process a regular order. First, you sent a letter informing me of a warehouse delay, then you promised to express mail the replacement order. When it didn't arrive, you apologized for somehow misplacing the order and promised to overnight it. And when that didn't arrive, you assured me it would in five more days. Not only can you not figure out how to use the mail system, but you also don't seem to know that a night lasts less than seven days—or that you really shouldn't piss off a woman who's had her period twice in one month.

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