I would like to offer my sincerest apologies for not being able to console you during your recent negative dining experience. My understanding was that you ordered an egg-and-cheese omelet, with the precise instructions of "Egg and Cheese ONLY!" The strategic eye roll suggested you meant business and that you had previously purchased this nonexistent menu item. "Like, I always pay $4.50, every time I order it," you said. I proceeded to do exactly what you told me. You still weren't happy, so you promised to file a complaint, and to my surprise, we received a random visit from the county health inspector. Who knows what story you made up? But well-played, lady, well-played. However, our health inspector actually eats at our restaurant on a fairly regular basis, and upon the conclusion of her inspection, which was perfect (as always), she expressed her apologies for the wack jobs out there in the world. Valiant effort, I must commend you there, but alas we are still in business despite your cunning efforts to take us down.


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