Disneyland Sued Over Minnie Mouse's Door Knobs

Admit it, you're intrigued.

Have all of your questions answered after the jump.
The Associated Press is reporting that the Mateel Environmental Justice Foundation (MEJF), a nonprofit group who has filed numerous environmental lawsuits against corporations in the past, sued the corporate owners of the Disneyland theme park this past April.

Their claim? That Disneyland is exposing the children in the park to high levels of lead. The culprits? Mateel claims that the stained glass windows in Cinderella's Castle and the brass door knobs in Minnie's House in Toontown, among other items around the park, contain high levels of lead.

If you ask me, the lead in the Minnie's door knobs (dirty) is the least of my worries! I'm more worried about the snot, spit and... ugh... feces that's spread across every surface in the park. Seriously, the world is covered in filth!

The Los Angeles Times reports that Mateel is seeking a court injunction today that would require Disneyland to cover the items in question or post health warnings. Disney has denied Mateel's allegations and spokeswoman Suzi Brown says they are in full compliance with the state law's requirement for signage.

Bring some wet wipes.
Bring some wet wipes.

Personally, I think Mateel should be conducting a few swab tests on the seats of the Mad Tea Party tea cups. Gross.

Stay tuned for updates. Or just go and enjoy the park knowing that everything around you, in Disneyland or otherwise, is slowly killing you. Because, in reality, the fish sticks at the Golden Horseshoe are probably worse for you.

NOTE: This article was amended on 10/21/11 at 1:03 PM (PST) for an error that quoted a mission statement from the UK-based Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF). The EJF is in no way affiliated with the Eureka, California-based Mateel Environmental Justice Foundation.


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