Dentist Offers Kids Cash for Halloween Candy

Some sweet news: Children can trade their buckets and pillowcases full of Halloween candy in for cash .  .  . and for a good cause.

Through Friday, Irvine Children's Dentistry offers a buy-back program where candy is weighed and bought for $1 a pound (up to 5 pounds).

The bona fide offer does more than just keep the kids from gnawing down on the plethora piles of candy that could cause cavities and dental decay. By selling their candy, kids will take part in the bigger act of paying it forward to our troops.

All candy collected goes to Operation Gratitude, which last year shipped more than 60 tons of candy collected from across the country to members of the U.S. military overseas.

Local kids are encouraged to write a letter to the troops along with their donated candy, which will then earn each a goody bag to go along with that cash.

Learn more about the program at Operation Gratitude.


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