Hug it out
Hug it out

Daryl Hannah to Appear at Tree Huggers Ball

Daryl Hannah is expected to make a splash at the Canyon Land Conservation Fund's 8th Annual Tree Hugger Ball in the canyons, which is a great place for summer lovers. 

The event, which takes place on June 23, hopes to raise money to protect the wild area of the Santa Ana Mountains, a fight undertaken by legal eagles going against developers who feel more at home on Wall Street than among steel magnolias. 

Ah, I slay me. 

Hannah co-founded the

Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance

, and she puts her compost where her mouth is, once getting arrested during a protest at a mountiantop removal stripmine in


One of our more immature writers, a newbie by the name of Kat Poker, said Hannah wants to beat back development like Jackson Browne beat her; that she wants building plans to go down like her ex-boyfriend JFK Jr.'s plane. 

That's not funny, M--, I mean Kat!

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