Chuck DeVore's Demon Sheep Site Gets Hit By Pointless Anti-DeVore Sheep

Chalk this one up as "reasons why the Republican primary campaign for U.S. Senate makes us feel embarrassed about mankind."

Apparently, Assemblyman Chuck DeVore (R-Irvine), a senate candidate, set up this website to capitalize on opponent Carly Fiorina's bizarre Tom Cambpell-bashing "Demon Sheep" web ad. Honestly, we're not sure what the point is. . . . On one page, it runs the original, Fiorina-boosting ad and then, below, asks for donations for DeVore. It's like DeVore, who earlier said he wants to eradicate demon sheep from the political discourse, has decided he likes the idea of demon sheep. He's going demon-sheep on the demon sheep. Or just being a hack.

Now, Flapsblog has screenshots of the website displaying messages like "DeVore sucks." Chuckie haters, such as the one who e-mailed us about it, are gleeful. Is this a cyber scandal? Is DeVore getting punked?

No. Turns out anyone can put their message in at and then, on the next page, see it displayed. Those messages only get made public if you actually donate to DeVore. And if you're donating to him while writing messages like "chuck devore is a painful douche," then, well, there's no hope for you.

It seems every development in the DeVore-Fiorina-Campbell hate triangle just makes us feel more humiliated for everyone involved. The takeaway from all this: Better luck with Boxer in 2016, Repubs.


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