Chuck DeVore waits while downloading the lightsaber app.
Chuck DeVore waits while downloading the lightsaber app.
John Gilhooley / OC Weekly

Chuck DeVore Reverts to the Geek We Knew He Was

When Irvine state assemblyman Chuck DeVore started running for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate more than a year ago, our first impression was that he was an affable nerd running something of a joke campaign built on Twitter quips and YouTube groaners

By the end, though, he had styled himself as the booming-voiced Constitutional scholar that could rally all those aged jocks at the tea parties.

But in his post-candidate life, DeVore has returned to full-geek.

On Sunday, he'll host a three-hour show on KFI AM 640. The theme? San Diego's Comic-Con International. Yes, he'll be talking about the expo featuring all the people dressing up as anime characters and wookies.

Of course, there'll be a political bent. One of his guests will be Adam Baldwin, who plays an NSA agent on NBC's geektacular Chuck, is not a Baldwin brother, and who writes aggrieved conservative-persecuted-by-Hollywood columns for Big Hollywood.

DeVore hasn't announced the others who will be joining him during his Comic-Con three hour special. But since he's made clear that he won't be running for mayor of Irvine, forgive us for hoping that this show is the launch platform for DeVore's new career as comic book convention panelist. Why isn't China Attacks a graphic novel yet, anyways?


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