Watch for their cameo on a national television show soon...
Watch for their cameo on a national television show soon...

Calacas Celebrity Lawyer Quiz Time!

Not everything is rotten about SanTana, and one of my favorite parts of the city is Calacas, the Chicano curio shop run by husband-and-wife team Jackie and Rudy Cordova. Not only are they involved in the community (as kid-soccer parents, as organizers for the city's massive Día de los Muertos event), not only do they host a bi-weekly bike ride where hipsters, wabs, kiddies and grannies bike alongside each other around town (show up tonight at 5:30 pm!), but they're also very nice people, period.

They've been in downtown SanTana for a little less than a year now, in a space across the street from the Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse. As a result, they see quite a few interesting people and are privy to the media circus that happens outside--this was my stakeout when disgraced adulterous ex-sheriff Mike Carona was convicted of a felony.

Speaking of miscarriages of justice, that leads us to our quiz, for a $20 gift certificate to the shop:

Which celebrity lawyer visited Calacas about a month ago and bought some items? The only clue I can give right now is that the lawyer has been out of the media spotlight for quite some time, but is a name that all Southern Californians will know. First person to guess correctly wins the prize. One name per guess, and no Weeklings or friends of Calacas that I know (I'm looking at you, Ben) allowed.

Now: start guessing!


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