Burning Bush

Illustration by Bob AulThe 350,000-member National Taxpayers Union is known for propping up penny-pinching conservatives and knocking free-spending liberals around the block with equal vigor. But included in "new" research of Orwellian political new-speak conducted by the National Taxpayers Union Foundation (NTUF), which describes itself as the mother group's research arm, are examples employed by the Bush White House, according to a June 24 report on the Conservative News Service website (CNSNews.com).

"Investments in . . ." Despite calling for federal spending restraint, the Bush administration's 2004 budget trumpets "major new investments in . . . education, Medicare, health care, homeland security, energy independence, compassion and the unemployed" that will raise spending by tens of billions each year, NTUF said.

Homeland Security Since Sept. 11, this slogan has been the rallying cry for stale subsidy schemes that prop up everything from Amtrak to peanuts, NTUF said.

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