Bishop Soto Records Pro-Prop. 8 Message, God Laughs

Got a voicemail yesterday in Spanish from Diocese of Sacramento Bishop Jaime Soto urging us wabs to vote sí on Proposition 8 to protect the children, and I spit out the carnitas I was devouring from laughing so hard. Bishop Soto cares for children? The man who, while serving in his hometown Diocese of Orange, helped send off the county's most-notorious pedophile to a Tijuana children's ministry and wrote a letter on behalf of Andrew Christian Andersen, another notorious pedo-priest? Somewhere, God laughs and prepares a muy caliente spot in the afterlife for Soto.

Ed Velazquez at The Liberal OC also got this robocall and laughed, although for a different reason. Note to Laurie Cunningham, who's directing the Yes on 8 outreach effort to Latinos and is the wife of OC Blog head Matt "Jubal" Cunningham--gotta do better research! Not all us wabs prefer Spanish to English, as you very well know.


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