Because You're Ugly: Karltoon!

So you can't afford that $3,000 handbag or even a $25 bottle of limited edition nail varnish—but Urban Outfitters has made owning a liiiittle piece of Karl Lagerfeld possible.

The Beautiful Ones has released a series of Tees with all our favorite fashion icons: Michael Jackson, Lagerfeld and an Aladdin Sane Bowie. But the favorite by far seems to be this one with a caricature of Lagerfeld, complete with signature fan, dark shades and fingerless driving gloves. And you know what? It's actually kinda cute. Cute enough to make me want to wear a T-shirt even.

Nylon magazine insists you might have to "explain your shirt to half the girls who wear Chanel sunglasses"—snoot, snoot—and I think they're right (snoot!). Head over to Urban Outfitters to snatch up the v-neck raglan Tee (on sale! for $19.99!).


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