Atheist Group Bungles Billboard, But The Bible is Still Stupid, They Say

The so-called "brights" -- a funny term many skeptics and atheists have given themselves -- know when to take their medicine. 

A new billboard put up by the Backyard Skeptics at the American Legion parking lot in Midway City apparently got the math wrong in describing the supposed amount of rainfall it took to flood the planet, according to the Biblical account in the book of Genesis.

The billboard reads: "Noah's Flood - 8712 inches per hour = Nonsense. What other Biblical nonsense is there?" According to the group, the correct height would be 8715 inches per day, measured to the height of

Mount Everest

Bruce Gleason, founder of Backyard Skeptics, said the mistake was made in preproduction, but that doesn't matter, because the Bible is still full of nonsense. Many Christians believe they can use a Bronze-aged book to guide their lives, but in reality they are "cafeteria Christians," people who pick the verses that suit them while discarding the rest, he said in a statement. 

"In addition, there are many verses that if obeyed, would quickly land a Christian in jail," Gleason said. "This proves that even Christians don't believe the entire Bible, but instead choose which verses are moral and which are not applicable. In my opinion these Christians are more moral than the God they believe in." 

The Backyard Skeptics are the largest Orange County-based skeptics and atheist group.

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