Apocalypse Nigh!

Nick Sjobeck paints signs and plays guitar and sings in Dodge Dart and lives in Costa Mesa. Do you think you're going to get laid tonight? My wife's at home, and there's a 0 percent chance in the next two or three days. Then why are you here? To see Chris Fahey. What's so great about Chris Fahey?He put me on the guest list, and I wanted to see the new club. What do you think of it? It's nice, it's comfortable. How do you feel since Sept. 11?I get sad a lot for no reason. It's weird. I get mad for no reason—I get mad quicker and sad for no reason out of nowhere. I don't know how I feel really. Manic-depressive? Yeah, just a little unsteady, like I'm not in control and that feels weird. Have you written any songs since Sept. 11?No. I haven't done anything.

Jeff Blackmon is between jobs and is really good at crossword puzzles and lives in Costa Mesa. Do you think you're going to get laid tonight? No. Then why are you here?Jeez, you stumped me on the first question. So, what's going on?These questions are too ambiguous for me. All right, how do you feel after Sept. 11?You know what? I started to think I was a pacifist, but I was fucking angry. I was ready to enlist, and I feel like I'm living in a completely other world, like I'm living in a movie right now. I can't believe the World Trade Center's gone. I'm still shocked over it. I think I feel like everyone else does. You say you feel like you're living in a movie. What movie would that be? Independence Day. I need a good question. The only question I can think of is why did I upgrade from regular cable to digital cable when I have 300 frigging channels and it all sucks and just keeps me at home more. When you change channels it's really slow. Yeah, that was the first thing I noticed—'Hey, dude, the channels change really slow,' and he said that was normal, and I knew I'd been hoodwinked. I'd been bamboozled at that moment. I always use "hoodwink" and "bamboozle" in the same sentence! I think you're my soulmate!Oh, my God! That's all you have to say if I say you're my soulmate! "Oh, my God!" Now I know I'm getting laid! I'll get laid tonight but I'll be alone.

Misha Hennessy is a makeup artist who lives in Tustin. Do you think you're going to get laid tonight?Most definitely not. My boyfriend is in San Francisco. Then why are you here? I'm here to see Stereolab and to see the new Detroit. Have you been in yet?I have been in, and I love it. And how do feel after Sept. 11? Very solemn, but at the same time, I have a new sense of freedom that I have on my own, and I love life. I love my freedom; I love my friends and my family. Do you worry about those freedoms getting curtailed?In the back of my mind yes, but I have to keep living my life, and I'm constantly aware of those around me.

Robert Giampa plays bass (formerly for the Measles) and works in the loan-brokerage business. He lives in Costa Mesa. I think I'm having a good showing with the ladies tonight. I don't know, I just look at them and they smile at me. You don't think that's out of fear? It could be—or intimidation. Possible, but it might be the fact that I just am so controversial in my clothing tonight. I haven't seen anybody else dressed like me. "Controversial"? Expand, please.I notice you're wearing a mock turtleneck. I am wearing a mock turtleneck, and I've decided that the rules for mock turtlenecks vs. regular turtlenecks are as follows: mock turtlenecks can only be worn in September or October, whereas turtlenecks can only be worn from November to January. So, what you're saying is between February and August, if you have anything on your neck, you're a putz? No, if you're wearing a turtleneck or a mock turtleneck you are wrong. Wrong. What would you do to someone who was wearing a turtleneck in that weather? Pity them. What if you were in New York?Well, I'm not, so I can't answer that question. So, Rob, do you think you're going to get laid tonight?Yes, I am. Why are you so certain? Because I've already made plans. Oh, really. Rob, will I not be giving you a ride home tonight? [Editor's note: Giampa did not get laid that night.]

Nicolette Amette worked the door at Detroit and lives in Costa Mesa. So, Nicolette, do you think you're going to get laid tonight? My boyfriend lives at my house, so I could get laid, but it's a question of whether or not I want to get laid. Now do you like Stereolab?I love Stereolab. I've become pretty good friends with them in the past year or so, so I like them. So, you're really seeing your friend's band?Pretty much, yeah. Do you think that makes you better than us? Yes, of course, it does. What do you think of the new club?It's beautiful so far, but it's not done. They're going to do a bunch more to it. They're going to make a smoking patio out back, and the lightning was a rush job for tonight. How do you feel after Sept. 11? Dejected. Do you feel unsafe?No. Not really. Do you? Well, not in Orange County.Yeah, it's so sheltered, it's hard to feel unsafe.


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