Anti-Mall Returns to SanTana in the Spirit of Indigenous People's Day

Last February, the annual LA activist event known as the "Anti-Mall: People B4 Profit Marketplace" made its SanTana debut at...where else but El Centro Cultural de Mexico! OC is being spoiled again as conscious vendors, artists, and organizations are setting up shop this weekend in counter-Columbus spirit.

The whole notion of Anti-Mall humbly began in the Highland Park driveway of Quetzal Flores and Martha Gonzalez of the East LA band Quetzal. Since 2002, it has grown to become an activist fixture of our primos to the north every year around December providing an alternative to engaging with the big box Christmas shopping craze.

Longtime discussions about bringing the event down south to our wacky county finally came to fruition this year. "The struggles and movements in Santa Ana are an inspiration and we stand in solidarity with projects that put people before profit," says co-founder

Laura Palomares


El Puente Hacia la Esperanza


From OC's perspective, the first experience was a positive one definitely worth repeating. "We support spaces that are for the community and by the community. The Anti-Mall is both an alternative and a response to others spaces that view the community as purely a market to sell to or tokenize," says el Centro poet and organizer Joese Hernandez.

A shopper looks over the offerings of a vendor at February's Anti-Mall in SanTana
A shopper looks over the offerings of a vendor at February's Anti-Mall in SanTana

This time around, conscious consumers will have the opportunity to check out textiles from Oaxaca, vintage clothing from the Sister Collective, and hand made soaps courtesy of Yerberia Mayahuel. The Anti-Mall will feature nearly thirty booths hosted by ARTivists, community organizations and socially responsible businesses. It's all free and fair trade here, folks!

DJ Michelle and DJ Kaboom, both noted in our 'Best Of' issues in 2011 and 2012, will be on the ones and twos in addition to el Centro's Full Moon Open Mic poets in providing entertainment throughout the day. Keeping with the theme of Indigenous People's Day, speakers are set to include representatives from the native Juaneño community, Peace & Dignity Journeys, and an update on the current climate of repression surrounding Mexico's Zapatista rebels in Chiapas will be given.

Here's to hoping there's a "Fuck Columbus and the Ship He Sailed in On" shirt available somewhere this Saturday at Anti-Mall!

The Anti-Mall People B4 Profit Marketplace happens at El Centro Cultural de Mexico, 313 W. Birch Street, Santa Ana, Sat., 11- 6 p.m.

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