Sukhee Kang (left) and his master, Larry Agran
Sukhee Kang (left) and his master, Larry Agran

Anti-Larry Agran Website Emerges in Irvine

Though a majority of Irvine's voters are registered Republicans, they've repeated supported the decidedly liberal political alliance controlled by Larry Agran, a onetime Democratic Party presidential primary candidate.

That fact has had Republican insiders scratching their collective heads for a decade now.

It's become conventional wisdom that Agran--one of Orange County's most unethical, pompous and dictatorial public figures--wins because Irvine's residents are too busy to focus attention on local politics.

Now, a new website has emerged to help educate residents about the Chicago-born Agran and his shady practices. 

It's called and it's largely a compilation of news articles detailing Agran's greatest corruption hits.

"It's time for Larry Agran and Sukhee Kang [Agran's political go-fer] to get out of city hall," writes the website's creator, attorney David Winslow, an Irvine resident since 1970. "It never seemed logical that voters would knowingly cast their vote for someone with ethical problems. Why then, does he and his associates get re-elected in Irvine where most of the voters are highly educated people?"

Winslow concludes that "people are unaware of the facts."

"I am tired of Irvine being hijacked for the personal gain of a few politicians," he says.

Because Agran dominates a 3-2 city council majority, he appointed himself as chairman of the Great Park board, a move that put him in control of as much as $1.6 billion in public spending. 

Every major local news outlet has blasted Agran for his secrecy and the no-bid contracts that routinely land in the hands of his personal friends and campaign contributors. He gave one of his friends a whopping no-bid $100,000-a-month contract to create publicity for a park that doesn't yet exist. 

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly


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