American Third Position Party Treasurer Pleads Guilty to Two Misdemeanors

Vaxmonsky: Skin in almost-suit...gracias for the pic, source!
Vaxmonsky: Skin in almost-suit...gracias for the pic, source!

When I first wrote about the American Third Position Party--that collection of convicts, white supremacists, wimpy professors, and other assorted pendejos that want to deport all immigrants and don't care much for gays and coloreds, either--I noted that its treasurer, Sean Vaxmonsky, was a fugitive wanted for failure to appear before a judge. Not any more: Vaxmonsky manned up and appeared in Orange County Superior Court on March 2nd to plead guilty for driving without a valid driver's license and failure to appear in court--both misdemeanors.

Vaxmonsky and the American TP want people to believe whites are now "underdogs"--that the system is stacked against them, that whites no longer have a chance in this country. So what was the punishment Vaxmonsky--who has previously pleaded guilty to misdemeanors for DUI, purchasing alcohol as a minor, AND robbery--received for breaking and evading the law? $150 in fines, and no jail or probation. If it was a wab or some Asian guy with Vaxmonsky's rap sheet, guaranteed they'd be shipped off to Chino for a looooong time--REAL ZOG conspiracy out there against valiant Whites, Sean, you Institute for Historical Review-interning chap, you!

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