AIDS 'n' Pagans

This Sunday (a day named to honor Egyptian sun god Ra), Orange County pagans, witches, warlocks (maybe Moorlachs?) and other so-called heathens are using their mystic powers to fight the AIDS. That's right, I said pagans. Monotheistic religions are so passe. AIDS was first noticed in America when, in 1981, a group of young gay men in New York began to exhibit Kaposi's Sarcoma, a cancer rare outside the elderly population. Thus AIDS became a "gay" disease, as you never get a second chance to make a first impression (so why do Republicans keep choosing leaders named Dick?). Now I'm not going to generalize and say that paganism is rather gay - but if you Google a gay pagan you get over 6,200,000 replies. And an unsettling rash.

Seriously though - different religions, cultures and faiths have, surprise, different morals! It's like the old bumper stickers: "Druids Do It On The Altar", or "I Brake for Bacchanalian Babes - or Boys!" So it's nothing shocking to find many, many gay pagan associations. What's shocking is that I'm trying to link homosexuality, paganism and AIDS. Expect to find me encased within an enormous, fiery wicker man sometime this weekend.

So enough about me; back to decent folk. Yvonne, team captain for the OC Pagan AIDS Walkers, sent around an email today announcing that the group has already raised over $1,000. CLICK HERE TO DONATE. If a group of pagans can pony up a grand, imagine what a gaggle of lawyers or land developers could scrape together.

If you'd rather just watch, wave, and (knowing you OC types) shout insults at the different-looking people, CLICK HERE to plan your ambush. They may be Godless (in a strictly Abrahamic sense), but they good people. Charitable people. But if they're not your kind of people, feel free to REGISTER ALL BY YOUR LONESOME

UPDATE:: Relevant Connection Found!!

So I made a li'l donation and what to my wondering eyes should appear? A tax receipt/thank you from the Exec. Dir. of AIDS Services Foundation, Orange County. His name? ALAN WITCHEY. And an occult chill descends....



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