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Larry Agran's "Newspaper" Hocus Pocus!

Frank Lunding, a political operative for Larry Agran—Irvine's legendary, scandal-scarred...


Top Orange County News

Sex Scandals in Orange County: A History

People have compiled histories of baseball in Orange County, of our long-gone walnut growers, of...

Bada Bing!

Top Orange County News

OC Snitch Scandal Witness: Deputy Threatened Me

A California prison inmate transported back to the Orange County Jail (OCJ) so he could make a...

OC Snitch Scandal

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Who Wants To Be Disneyland's Rep In Congress?

Federal campaign finance disclosure reports filed in late January for the Democratic Party race...


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OC Register: Give Our Execs Bonuses Despite…

Next month, execs with Tribune Publishing (owners of the Los Angeles Times), Digital First Media...

OC Register Death Watch



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