With New, Local Bassist, The Like Do The Unexpected and Play House Parties

With New, Local Bassist, The Like Do The Unexpected and Play House Parties

L.A.'s the Like have just released a brand-new video, and it's nothing like the old videos. In fact, it's nothing like the old Like, and it's at least three planets away from the big-budget Busby Berkeley routines of 2005's "What I Say And What I Mean."

THE LIKE 'HE'S NOT A BOY' Chris Ziegler

Instead, the no-budget "He's Not A Boy" puts the actual band into an actual bar (Silverlake's

Hyperion Tavern

, sometime home of both

Don Bolles



) with actual locals getting goofy to winning Pandoras-style garage pop. (Frankie from Alex's soul club

Secret Affair

? Front and center. Josh from Long Beach's

Grand Elegance

and L.A.'s

Jail Weddings

? Pretty much the star!)

That's a just-about-total reconstruction for a band tipped to be a major-label, next-big-thing five years ago--imagine if OK GO started referencing Can and playing under the L.A. River brudge. It's an unexpected a left-turn--and that's thanks in part to the salutary influence of new bassist Laena Geronimo.

You'll recognize her from various bands who play various Long Beach/OC bars. "I've been in The Like for about eight months," says Laena. "The girls are totally rad, but when I joined the band they were kinda out of touch with a lot of the great local music that's just spilling out into the streets of L.A. and Long Beach these days. That's where I feel at home. I've played in a whole bunch of bands--the Starlite Desperation, Devon Williams, Residual Echoes and lots more.

"Most of my friends are in multiple bands and work at record stores. The musician scene around here is very incestuous -- which I think is awesome. People who are passionate about music hang out and play with other people that are passionate about music at places that revolve around being passionate about music! You meet new really awesome people all the time who have more in common with you than you would imagine. I met these girls from the Like and we met each others' friends and everyone's friends now.

"We took my buddy Frankie to SXSW with us as our tour manager, and my long time friend Josh is the lead in our music video. When the band was fully formed and ready to play some shows, they gave me the greenlight to book some stuff around town--stuff they would never have really done before--and they're having the best time! We've played at Alex's Bar, The Prospector, the Smell and some house parties. Playing these places is just so fun and real and what music is all about at the core of it. Just doing it because you love it. And because having a good time with a room full of people is the best thing ever. That's what the 'He's Not A Boy' video is all about."

The Like perform at the Glass House, 200 W 2nd St., Pomona, (909) 865-3802, Saturday,  May 8, 6:30 p.m., $8 at the FYF FAN APPRECIATION SHOW with Fucked Up, The Strange Boys, Abe Vigoda, and more.


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