[UPDATED With Comment From Bride and Groom] Singer Franki Doll Gets the Best Toy of All
Mike McDougal/Lushbeat

[UPDATED With Comment From Bride and Groom] Singer Franki Doll Gets the Best Toy of All

UPDATE, FEB. 21, 3 P.M.All in all, the day was magical for Mr. and Mrs. Avery. Everyone had a great time and kept rocking all night to the music. "We're leaving in 20 minutes for our honeymoon," says the bride. "You are seriously the only call I have taken all day." Well, I do feel special, and I'm happy to hear from the newlyweds before their trip far away from OC. "We had so many people come up to us and say it was the best wedding they had ever been to. It was the greatest day of my life," says Franki.

"Yeah, it was unexplainable. I was expecting Franki to look beautiful, but I wasn't expecting that. I walked up to the altar, and my knees buckled," gushed Jenson.

Franki also explained that being married and playing music are huge parts of her life. "You know, you can be in rock & roll and be in love. I'm in love, and that's what's important."

ORIGINAL ITEM, FEB 17, 10:30 A.M.: "I don't think that I want to spend my life with anyone else," said Jenson Avery. "Will you marry me?"

Franki Doll 
paused and said, "Yes, I want to marry you! Totally, yes, marry you. OMG, I love you!" It was the perfect match; these two were meant to be together.

I've always said that Franki Doll and the Broken Toys are not just a bunch of punk-inspired rockers and that they all relate to one another like a family or a coed street gang. This Sunday, Franki and her drummer, Jenson Avery, will relate to each other--this time like an actual family. That's right, they are getting married! They will be tying the knot onstage at the Galaxy Concert Theatre in Santa Ana in front of all their friends and family.
The coolest part? That evening, the two rockers have opened up their wedding celebration to the public at 7 p.m. at the Galaxy. After the ceremony, the two lovers (and the rest of the Broken Toys) will do what they do best: perform. We caught up with Doll and Avery to find out about their special day. 

OC Weekly (Danielle Bacher): How did you and Jenson first meet? 
Franki Doll:We met in the recording studio a few years back. I was recording the song "Kids In America," and we needed a drummer for the recording. Jenson showed up, and we played together--it was an instant musical fit. 

Did you guys start dating immediately?
Jenson Avery: No, there was an instant attraction, but we were just friends for a few years before either of us even let the other know we were interested. We both loved each other long before we ever revealed our feelings for each other. We were bandmates; that's kind of a "no- no."
Doll: But love won after all. 

How did he propose to you? 
Doll: Jenson took me to Hawaii last year for our three-year anniversary. He took me to a secluded beach in Lanai. As I was sunbathing, he turned around with a video camera, an anniversary card and a ring. . . . He videotaped it. Here, you can watch it yourself. [Laughs]


I hear you're having your wedding ceremony at the Galaxy Concert Theatre and getting married onstage. Are you guys excited, nervous or both? 
Avery: We are both and all of them wrapped into one. It's nice to be able to marry your best friend on the same stage you guys play shows on. The Galaxy is like our home away from home, and the owner, Gary, has been very good to us. 

Tell me about how you planned the event.
Doll and Avery: Oh, man. We're still planning. . . . Glad we're only doing this once. It's a lot of work. 

So after the ceremony and reception, the Galaxy is closing and reopening for a marriage celebration afterward. Is this open to the public? 
Avery: The wedding and the reception are not open to the public, but the show that evening is a separate event and is open to the public. 
Doll: The Galaxy is helping us pay for our honeymoon with the proceeds from that show. Most of the bands on the show are donating their sets. We are pretty blessed. 

[UPDATED With Comment From Bride and Groom] Singer Franki Doll Gets the Best Toy of All
Mike McDougal/Lushbeat

Have you talked about having any children in the future? 
Doll: Yes. But if we do, we will be adopting. 
Avery: I am adopted. We want to give another child the opportunity to have wonderful, adoptive and supportive parents like we did. 

You both have a ton of tattoos. Are you getting anything special inked for the big day?
Doll: Funny you should ask--Jenson just got a tattoo with my initials as a surprise this morning. It's my initials with an anchor ('cause he says I'm his anchor), and I have an entire back piece for the occasion. 

Did you write your wedding vows yet? 
Avery: Yes, we have them done. Mine are awesome. I haven't heard Franki's yet.

How would you two describe your love? Be as gushy as possible, please. 
Doll: Our love is a sonata, more beautiful than the greats could have composed. It is made of give and take; it is forgiving and understanding. Our love allows for imperfections and doesn't get jealous. Our love is honest, no matter what the truth is. We allow each other to be honest without judgment. Our love is amazing and pure and perfectly imperfect. Our love is now and forever, and we are each other's best friend. Our love is the kind of love they tell you about in stories . . . the ones with happily ever after at the end of them. 


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