Top Five Wailers Songs You Don't Have To Be High To Enjoy

Top Five Wailers Songs You Don't Have To Be High To Enjoy

Bob Marley's Wailers will be performing their classic album Uprising at the House of Blues tonight. The Wailers, who are the remaining members from Bob Marley and The Wailers, formed in 1981 after Marley's death. Though a Wailer's show may bring out a very particular type of tree-hugger, you don't have to go green to enjoy the iconic group's chilled-out reggae.

In that non-baked spirit, then, are the top five songs from Uprising that you can enjoy even if you prefer not to blaze.="">

5. "Real Situation"
A song that'll inspire real, uh, Uprising, "Real Situation" reads like a protest song for the Occupy Movement -- "Check out the real situation/Nation war against nation/Where did it all begin?/When will it all end?" It solidifies Marley's (and the Wailer's) continued relevance in popular culture.

4. "We and Dem"

Half of this song's lyrics are nonsense -- "Dub-da-dub-da-dub-da-dub/Dub a dippiti doop de doo!" But despite the fact that half the lyrics resemble babytalk, this song has survived the musical ages and is a reggae classic. Sometimes it's just about how music makes you move, and Marley's distressed chords on "We and Dem" will make you dance a jig.

3."Forever loving Jah!"

In this ditty, Marley's harem of high-pitched back-up singing femmes are back again, peppily claiming that they'll be "forever loving" as Marley croons as smooth as butter over them.

2. "Could You Be Loved"
As one of the two most recognizable singles off Uprising, "Could You Be Loved" needs no introduction (and will, no doubt, appeal to stoners and squares alike).

1. "Redemption Song"
One of Marley's seminal works, "Redemption Song" was only recorded acoustically. Though it has been performed with a full band, the solo version remains the most recognized among fans.


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