Top Five Hits: Vinyl Solution in Huntington

Top Five Hits: Vinyl Solution in Huntington

Here are the top fivers for Vinyl Solution, 18822 Beach Boulevard #104 in Huntington, (714) 963-1819. This week, the guys at Vinyl have a special pick, separate from the list: Dicky Ruglass and the Dungarees' limited edition Denim Backpack LP.

5) Suedehead, In Motion (Orange Vinyl) 7"
Top Five Hits: Vinyl Solution in Huntington

Davey Warsop's involvement in Suedehead may have started as a side project during his time as an engineer in Costa Mesa's Hurley Studios, but since then, it's evolved into a band that's opened up for Social Distortion. In Motion, their first LP, is number five this week.

4) Honey Badgers, Crab Dudes 7"

Hives-esque garage punkers Honey Badgers' 7" Crab Dudes combines dynamic keys with simplistic romps and jams with an Orange County surf sentimentality. They're number four this week, but one thing's for sure -- Honey Badgers don't give a fuck.

3) Sashcloth and Axes, Sound of Solace 7" (Permanent Records)

Top Five Hits: Vinyl Solution in Huntington

I've honestly never heard of this band before, and their music scares me a little bit -- in a good way. Reverb and ethereal droning contrasts with odd, perturbing background laughter gets them number 3 this week.

2) Francis Harold and the Holograms, The White Bull Weeps from Valhalla LP (Video Disease)

Top Five Hits: Vinyl Solution in Huntington

The noise rock LP of self-proclaimed, Arizonian drug lords Francis Harold and the Holograms relies on lots of reverb, lots of distortion and lots of screaming. The album's description claims that the first riff on the album is the band's catchiest ever, and that this is the final LP the band will ever be released. The hype must be worth it -- it's gotten them to the number 2 spot this week.Of course, they probably have this album cover to thank for that.

1) Duane Peters and the Great Unwashed, Beautiful Tragedy LP

Top Five Hits: Vinyl Solution in Huntington

Orange County punk veteran Duane Peters' latest project with his Great Unwashed band comes up as the top seller this week at Vinyl Solution; being around the punk scene for so long under so many different bands must have granted Peters the gift of longevity.

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