Top Five EDM Shows to See in March

Beyond Wonderland 2012
Beyond Wonderland 2012
Matt Oliver / OC Weekly

Festival season is less than a month away for the electronic dance music community, and with it comes the time-honored tradition of skimpy outfits, three-day ragers, pool parties and dancing until the sun comes up. Starting in March, a slew of your favorite DJs will be on tour to promote new albums and/or tracks. Add all of the amazing shows right here in OC or a short drive away, and you can find something for every dance-music palate on a weekly basis. We did all the research to find the best EDM shows this month on which to spend your hard-earned cash.

Alfie Granger-Howell and Nick Harriman of Dusky
Alfie Granger-Howell and Nick Harriman of Dusky

5. Dusky Tuesday, March 26 Club Focus

Some things go well together, such as the deep Detroit techno sound spliced with new wave electronica that Dusky have managed to fuse with house music. London-based producers Alfie Granger-Howell and Nick Harriman formed Dusky as a way for them to experiment with a wide range of sounds apart from their progressive house DJ entity Solarity. Their debut album, Stick By This, was an innovative take on ambient, deep house, techno, electronica, even dub. Soon after, artists from Hot Chip to Justin Martin enlisted Dusky for remixes, and their notoriety skyrocketed. On March 26, Dusky bring their epic, deep grooves to Orange County as a part of Focus Tuesdays in Newport Beach. If you are in the mood for something totally uncommon, catch all the true house heads on the dance floor relishing in Dusky's intoxicating wave of sound.

Bruce Karlsson and Nick Sember of Norin & Rad
Bruce Karlsson and Nick Sember of Norin & Rad

4. Norin & Rad Thursday, March 14 Sutra

Sutra continues to bring some of the biggest progressive house, trance, even electro acts to Orange County as part of its Element Thursdays and on March 14, Norin & Rad make their Sutra debut. Success came rather quickly for these young, OC-bred artists, who after only a couple of remixes and originals where quickly picked up by Above & Beyond and their esteemed label Anjunabeats. Since they have toured all over the world with the Anjunabeats family at major festivals and shows, while also continuing to produce hit after hit, Bruce Karlsson (Norin) and Nick Sember (Rad) have cultivated their own take on EDM--specifically, the trance genre for which Anjunabeats is known by crossing boundaries and not being afraid to take risks. With their new track "Aldo" (out March 11) and a slew of original remixes and tracks from the duo, you can expect a lot of fresh sounds that'll make crowds go hard on the dance floor.

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