Top Five DJs Under 25


2011 proved to be an enormous break out year for electronic music in America. EDM not only took over the radio waves and everyone's Spotify playlists, but parties such as Electric Daisy Carnival and Monster Massive were, well, massive news.  It's a genre whose biggest players are also fresh meat. As proof, here are our top five DJs under 25 to watch out for in 2012. 5. Skream

Age: 25

Who he is: This British powerhouse is best known for being one of the forefathers of Dubstep. When not working on his solo career, he is one half of the mega-group, Magnetic Man (along with Benga). In 2005 Skream released the track, "Midnight Request Line." This crossover hit is considered to be one of the first dubstep tracks ever. His debut album Skream!, released in 2006, was followed by 2010's Out of the Box. Although he is labeled a dubstep artist, Skream says he prefers his sound to be called "UK Bass."

Signature sound: Melodic dubstep with an influence of UK drum & bass.

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How he got started: At the age of 15, Skream began to use Fuityloops.

Breakout hit: When Skream came out with his remix of La Roux's "In For the Kill", it launched his tracks from underground clubs into living rooms. His tracks have been on various TV shows, such as Entourage and Misfits. Check out Skream's newest single, "Anticipate."

Where he'll be in five years: Skream will be producing mind-blowing music that cannot be imagined at this time.

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