Top 10 Worst Emo Bands Of All Time

Top 10 Worst Emo Bands Of All Time

It's safe to say emo music today is barely a shadow of what it once was. Nobody today thinks about the DIY hardcore punk element that the genre was founded on. Now when you hear emo you think Hot Topic, you think whiny pre-teens, and you think terrible sellout radio tunes. Most people either hate or love the genre of emo based on the era they grew up in. Lovers of the first wave generally hate the 1990's second wave, listeners from the 90's generally hate the 2000's era, and people who grew up through the 3rd wave now realize what crappy music they were listening too. Whether you love it or hate it, you might as well laugh at it. Here is our list of the top 10 Worst Emo Bands of All time.

10. La Dispute

I know, I know... Wildlife was good, but have you ever seen Jordan Dreyer perform "Such Small Hands" live? I didn't think anybody that emotional could move around that much for any reason. This is by the most over dramatic and theatrical band I've ever seen. I like my emo told from a first person perspective, not novels with extremely overwrought imagery that gets nauseating by the third song.

9. Fall Out Boy

Once upon a time in middle school, I thoroughly enjoyed what Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump were writing. Back in the days where the single "Sugar We're Going Down" was the best song played on MTV, every track off

Take This To Your Grave

was great, and being on Warped Tour wasn't such a death blow to an underground emo band's credibility. It's debatable if those days ever existed, but at the age of 12 it sure felt like it. Basically it kills me to put this band up here, but let's face it, Fall Out Boy are a textbook example of an emo sellout.

8. Saves the Day

The only '90s emo band on the list, Saves The Day have definitely overstayed their welcome.

Through Being Cool

was a great album, and taking the name from emo legend Jawbreaker was a good move, but going through around 20 different members while only keeping Chris Conley as a standing member of the band is a bit much. Why put out eight albums when the first three said everything that could be said. There is a reason the best emo bands of the '90s broke up in their prime.

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