Top 10 Records Sold at TKO During Past Week

1) Anthrax, One Last Drop
2) Rorschach, Remain Sedate / Protestant
3) The Units, History Of The Units
4) Dry Rot, Philistine
5) The Regulations, To Be Me (LP w/7")
6) Circle One, Patterns Of Force 
7) Complications, Complications 
8) Various Artists, Flex Your Head 
9) Bad Brains, 171 A: 1981 Sessions 7" EP
10) Southside Stranglers, Too Much TV 7" EP

After the jump: Staff Pick. 


Remain Sedate/Protestant

:  "Awesome double LP containing both of Rorschach's legendary full-length albums. In one swift grab you can finally own one of the major staples of aggressive, early 90s hardcore albums in 

Remain Sedate

, as well as the genre-defining masterpiece of 90s hardcore known as


 And it's all in one tight, little vinyl package. Not quite as comprehensive as the 


 CD that came out several years ago, but it's on vinyl, 


 is not."--Brock


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