Top 10 OC Comics...So Far!

Ahhh Orange County. We might be known for our beautiful weather, pristine coastlines, and gorgeous people but we are soooo much more than that! Orange County is also the stomping grounds of some of the funniest comedic talent. With that said, we thought we'd do a little bragging on some of O.C.'s finest so you can get familiar and maybe do a little bragging of your own!

10. Nasim Pedrad- Nasim is bringing the funny as a current cast member on Saturday Night Live but long before she was a superstar, she attended University High School and molded her craft in beautiful Irvine. This hilarious gal has mastered the art of improv and impressions and to be honest, we like to think her surroundings in Orange County had something to do with that! Hey, let us dream OK?

9. Brad Williams- This pint sized comic puts the fun in funny. Graduating from Sunny Hills High School in Fullerton, Brad was "discovered" by Carlos Mencia who put him on his tour and later on Mind of Mencia. Brad is not only a hilarious talent, he doesn't let his size rule his life and rules the crowd with his pumped up personality. Brad Williams might be short, but he is not short on bringing the laughs.

8. Coby Scott Bell- This OC native has played dramatic roles to a T, but what he really kills at are comedic roles like the one he plays as Jason Pitts of BET's The Game. Whether he is acting like a tightwad with this money or doing the "Pittsy Shuffle," Bell's role as Jason Pitts alone just makes us proud to call him one of our own!

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