Tom Morello Delivers Raging Performance to Support Disney Protesters

Tom Morello, wielding an acoustic guitar and harmonica, performed for free Sat. Feb. 13, near the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim to show his support for the hospitality workers who have been fasting since Feb. 9 in an effort to receive better healthcare

Morello dipped into the Rage Against the Machine songbook for "Guerrilla Radio," the fiery protest track off his band's 1999 album the Battle of Los Angeles.  

The LA-based Harvard graduate also gave a speech about the "wheel of history" being in the hands of the people, joking that "the revolution will not be Twittered." On a somber note, Morello declared, "I'm directing this as well at the people in the corporate offices of Disney, because they have children, too, and you know what? The friendliest place on Earth should also be friendly to the children of the employees who work at the hotel." 

The performer also known as the Nightwatchman then performed a variation of a controversial "lost" verse of Woody Guthrie's American working class anthem "This Land is Your Land," before leading the crowd through an exuberant singalong of the chorus. 


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