'Til Game Over Do Us Part: Quirky Video Game Weddings

Valentine's Day may have just passed, and people across the globe were given the chance to express their love for those around them, whether it be lover, family, pet or friend.

A couple's wedding is possibly one of the most important events of their lives. This celebration of their union is supposed to represent who they are as a couple, and they would often personalize it in order to express their interests to their guests. This is no exception for gamers. Video game-related weddings have become more popular than ever, especially for couples who have been raised by video games in the '80s and '90s. Here are a few examples of various video game-related weddings. Some of these are adorable, and some of them are just plain weird.

Married By Master Chief: The Halo-Themed Wedding

In 2009, Gamers John Henry and Desirai Labrada made their vows to the world with a


themed wedding. The two lovebirds met while playing


and developed their relationship while playing various games online.

Yes, that is the Master Chief officiating the wedding ceremony. The bride entered with music from the Halo 3 menu while adorning the Halo logo on her dress sleeve. Plasma grenade replicas were handed out to guests as wedding favors. To conclude the ceremony, Labrada and Henry were appropriately announced "teammates for life." Heart-warming.

Marry Me, Will 'Ya!: The Legend of Zelda Themed Wedding

Gamers Ashely and Kyle wedded in 2009 with a wedding theme from Nintendo's

The Legend of Zelda

series. Not only did the bridesmaids wear forest-green dresses and carry "Triforce-gold" colored flowers, but the couple added small details in order to make this wedding a tribute to their favorite game series. Kyle even proposed to his bride-to-be with a Triforce-shaped engagement ring.

Ashley walked down the aisle as "Zelda's Lullaby" plays. The groom and his groomsmen wore cuff links designed to look like game cartridges/discs of the past Zelda games. The couple even had a cake in the shape of the Triforce custom-made for their ceremony. To conclude the wedding, the obligatory Zelda fanfare "ta da da daaah" chimed as soon as their vows were set in stone.

The Man Who Married His Love Plus Video Game

'Til Game Over Do Us Part: Quirky Video Game Weddings

Perhaps there is a good reason why the video game Love Plus hasn't been released outside of Japan. This Nintendo DS girlfriend simulator presents the player with the opportunity to meet and court one of three virtual ladies. After a certain period of time, the female character will profess her love for you (yes, you--the player). Think that's the end of the game? Think again. That's just the prologue. At this point, the never-ending story and relationship with the new virtual girlfriend has just begun.

Players can now take their digital girlfriend on real-life dates, and do various creepy things such as tickling them by touching the screen.

One Japanese man took his virtual relationship to next level by actually marrying his digital girlfriend. In 2009, this unnamed game-lover wedded made his vows with to Nene, one of the three virtual girlfriends of Love Plus. The ceremony was held in Guam, where he was announced husband and... wife?

Second Life Marriage Ends With Adultery and Divorce

'Til Game Over Do Us Part: Quirky Video Game Weddings

Way back in 2005, Second Life players Amy Taylor and David Pollard met while playing this online life simulator. They have a simulator for just about everything now, don't they? After a lavish online wedding, the two got wedded in real-life. The two (or is it four?) of them remained happily married for about three years. Unfortunately, like most real-life marriages, theirs ended in divorce.

After hiring an online detective to stalk her husband's avatar's activities, Amy's avatar finally caught the digital representation of her husband getting down and dirty with another character, which sealed their divorce in and out of their virtual world.

Don't worry about Amy though, she has since moved on. She has recently met a man while (cue drumroll) playing World of Warcraft.

Katamari Damacy Wedding

'Til Game Over Do Us Part: Quirky Video Game Weddings

Idaho residents Aidra and Ernest married in 2009 with a wedding theme of the kooky Japanese game Katamari Damacy. 2009 must have been a popular year for video game weddings! The couple held a small ceremony in Idaho, and everyone got in on the fun by dressing up as the Prince and the King of All Cosmos, the game's two main protagonists. (Photo courtesy of wedding photographer Kristin Schultz.)


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