This Year's Creepiest and Cutest Video-Game Valentine's Day Cards

This Year's Creepiest and Cutest Video-Game Valentine's Day Cards

Valentine's Day has come and gone, and for those of us with that "special someone" in their lives, the romantic holiday is all about buying expensive flowers and going out to expensive (and crowded) restaurants in order to show our significant others how much we care.

However, if you're lucky enough to be in love with a video-game geek, then the following video-game-themed Valentine's Day cards were all you needed to tug at his or her heartstrings. A card for just about everybody is featured here--from that snarky Wii card to the creepy one featuring Birdo.

Birdo, unfortunately, has become the queen of creepy video-game characters. Everything from her gender-identity crisis in

Super Mario Bros 2

to finding a vibrator in her room in

Captain Rainbow

makes her (him?) probably the least pleasant Valentine's Day card character you can find.

The following Valentine's Day card of Left 4 Dead's boomer is part of a set of cards based on popular Valve games. Check out beavotron's website for more. They're all very cute, considering they're based on decaying, murderous zombies.

Etsy member PaperRockScisorz is clearly an old-school gamer, since she's able to make such clever references to classic games. These will surely bring a smile to your gaming-geek lover. Drop by her page and buy a few cards for next year!

Kyattsia of takes a lighthearted stab at the Wii's lack of storage.

Kirby is the king of Valentine's Day puns, including "I Want You Inside Me!" and this year's slightly less cute one.

And my personal favorite:


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