The New Limb Tour Diary: Day !@#!?

(Alt-pop four-piece the New Limb went on tour for the first time EVER, so they're sending Heard Mentality missives from the road. They've taken turns guest blogging; keyboardist and vocalist Lauren Salamone sends us the latest. Read their first entry here, their second one here and their third one here.--Ed.)

​Today is July 28, and we are heading toward Eugene from Portland. The last few days were spent in Seattle and Spokane, and we'd like to recap those days right now, but we are just too behind with this blog.
Long story short, Seattle was amazing and full of adventure, and Spokane was inspiring. After Spokane we headed towards Portland with no agenda and no expectations. We really didn't know what was coming, and it was both awesome and horrible within two hours of our arrival.

The awesome part: we hopped on Dusty Rhodes and the River Band's show at the Doug Fir. We were so stoked! We've always wanted to play at Doug Fir, and it was even more incredible to play with friends.

The New Limb Tour Diary: Day !@#!?

The horrible part: our Suburban was busted into during our soundcheck. We went from such a high to such a low! Every day on tour has been so amazing and perfect; I guess it was too perfect that someone had to come crush it.

But we're thankful that only two laptops and my make-up bag were stolen, cause it could have been much worse. (Yes, I said my make-up bag was stolen! Weird thing to be stolen.)

The New Limb Tour Diary: Day !@#!?

Despite the situation, the show at Doug Fir was incredible. We helped Dusty Rhodes end their set by joining them their cover of "The Weight." And we made new Portland friends. After brushing out piles of black glass from the car we headed south to get some sleep. Today, still feeling down from last night, we decided to do more than we planned to raise our spirits. This included: playing an acoustic set for The Collective Sound rock band camp as well as an acoustic set for Ninkasi Brewery. And then to top it off, we picked up Dylan Patton, the kid who traded his shoes for our CD at our Centralia show. We're feeling much better now. Hopefully tonight's show at Luckey's in Eugene goes well. We miss you a little bit Orange County. It'll feel good to return home.

Lauren Salamone, keys and vocals


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