Eye of Solitude
Eye of Solitude

The Five Longest Metal Songs

By Damian Bloor This week, London's Eye of Solitude released Dear Insanity, a song that caught our attention for clocking in at a hardy 49 minutes. Built on crashing guitars augmented by piano, inhuman moaning and ambient electronics, the song never lags and provides the patient listener with alternating themes of loss and resurrection.

In less flowery terms, it is a perfect soundtrack for riding your mini-bike through deserted subdivisions or marching through dewy fields in your homemade druid robes. We also recommend it for the workplace; productivity soars when a solid doom band is on the speakers. In the meantime, don't go assuming that Eye of Solitude will win a Guinness Book record for the world's longest metal song anytime soon. Compared to some of their contemporaries, they're still a bit on the short side. Below are the five longest metal songs that we unearthed. Let us know in the comments if there are any we missed.

5. Bongripper, "The Great Barrier Reefer" (79:23)

The Chicago band has an LP called

Hate Ashbury

and a 7 inch entitled

Sex Tape/Snuff Film

. If you can't appreciate their 79-minute song, at least give them credit for excellent song titles.

4. Vonn, "Victim One: Agony" (76:04)

"We heard they named themselves after Olympian Lindsey Vonn," said no one, ever.

3. Fantômas, "Delìrium Còrdia"

(74:17) Fantômas leader Mike Patton's other band, Faith No More, just played

their first show since 2010

and recently released their

first new song in 17 years


2. Corrupted, "El Mundo Frio"

(71:39) This band wants you to think they speak Spanish, but they're actually from Japan. What are you hiding, fellas?

1. Mistigo Varggoth Darkestra, "The Key To The Gates Of Apocalypses"

(72:02) Reading this band's name out loud makes you sound like one of the villains in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Honorable mention: Fauna has been credited elsewhere with the longest song, The Hunt," clocking in at 79:57. Their Bandcamp suggests that The Hunt is actually an album

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